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A partner of the Lalou Multi team since 2013 on the Multi50 circuit and later the Mini 6.50 circuit, the Arkema Group last year announced the construction of Arkema 4, a new last generation trimaran due to be launched in 2nd quarter 2020. For 2019, Arkema and Lalou Multi have decided to focus on designing and manufacturing this new boat, while continuing with the training of its skipper-to-be: Quentin Vlamynck, a member of the Team for almost 10 years, and previously the skipper of the innovative Mini 6.50 Arkema 3. The latter prototype, meanwhile, will be skippered by the young sailor Raphaël Lutard in the events of the Mini calendar, with the Mini Transat-La Boulangère as the prime objective, the first solo transatlantic race for the 23 year old skipper.

When transmission pays! 

Quentin Vlamynck, skipper of the Multi50 Arkema 4

Lalou Roucayrol belongs to the set of the greatest solo ocean racing skippers! Throughout his extensive nautical experience on boats and in racing events since the 1980s, Lalou has always cared about passing on his know-how and his knowledge to others.


And so Quentin Vlamynck joined the team in 2012. First as a crewman of the Multi50 Arkema 1, then skipper of the Mini 6.50 Arkema 3, claiming a fine 6th place in 2017 in the Mini Transat-La Boulangère solo race, and a 2nd place in the French ocean racing championships for this class, Quentin continues to develop his career. He was picked, by Arkema and Lalou Multi, to become the skipper of the future trimaran Arkema 4.


At the ripe age of 26, the Biscarosse-born sailor is excited at the opportunity he has been given: “My role as boat-captain of Lalou’s boat in 2018 was an amazing experience, and it confirmed my desire to pursue a career in ocean racing while allowing Lalou and Arkema to appreciate my commitment and my work. It’s a fantastic recognition, by them, to entrust the helm of this new boat to me, next year!”

Raphaël Lutard, at the dawn of his first solo transatlantic race

Previously a preparer for Quentin Vlamynck, in 2018 Raphaël Lutard took over the helm of the Mini 6.50 Arkema 3, a 6.50 m boat boasting an incredible array of innovations in its design.

After unfortunately injuring his hand in a solo ocean race last year, Raphaël is now back with his motivation intact to prepare as best he can for his season’s major event: the Mini Transat-La Boulangère.

Always a grateful recipient of the wise counsel of Quentin and Lalou, the 23 year old skipper is carrying on his training, in particular while fine-tuning this incredible racing machine.

2019 sport program for the Mini 6.50 Arkema 3


  • Pornichet Select – departure 27 April

  • Mini en Mai – departure 7 May

  • Trophée MAP – departure 6 June

  • Mini Fatsnet – departure 16 June (two-handed race with Quentin Vlamynck)

  • Transgascogne – departure 30 July

  • Mini Transat La Boulangère – departure 22 September

“We started sailing again a few weeks ago and were able to validate all the changes made over the winter. This includes reducing the overall weight of the boat and adding a system to adjust the wing more easily. It’s a technical and demanding boat, but it’s very stimulating to be part of its development. I’ll be taking part in plenty of circuit events this year, as I aim to prepare to the best of my abilities for the Mini Transat-La Boulangère. This will be the very first time I’ll be sailing across the Atlantic, and in a solo race! I have been preparing mentally and physically for this fabulous sporting adventure for the last three years. I’ll do my very best to clinch a podium place!”

Lalou Roucayrol, skipper entrepreneur, coach and ambassador!

In 2019, skipper Lalou Roucayrol will be juggling roles! Busy with the repairs to his trimaran that capsized in the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe race, which Quentin will be using to train, Lalou is also very much involved in the design and construction of the future Arkema 4. A true expert in Arkema materials, Lalou works closely with the Group’s R&D cell to put in place innovative technologies on the future trimaran, while taking account of stricter specifications than for the Mini 6.50.

Our partnership with Arkema is based on this learning and development relationship. We started building this trimaran several months ago. The project’s approach is one of sustainability, because today boat building wastes and scraps represent a real environmental challenge. Once again, this new Multi50 will be an opportunity to illustrate the association of Arkema’s wide-ranging expertise in materials and Lalou Multi’s nautical know-how.

To prepare for the arrival of this new boat in optimum conditions, Lalou will continue to train Quentin Vlamynck on a boat he knows well: his trimaran now called Multi50 Lalou Multi. “The boat is currently undergoing repairs and should be ready for launching in June. The idea is to test and develop, on this boat, equipment and tools that we’ll be using on Arkema 4. In particular a highly innovative navigation system, developed jointly with Madintec, for data acquisition and processing. We have an incredible opportunity to be able to learn on this boat what we will be incorporating on the next one! This will enable Quentin to be up and running next year on Arkema 4”, explains Lalou Roucayrol.

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