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As soon as the capsize of the Multi50 Arkema was known at around 0630hrs UTC/0730 CET on November 14 approximately 1,000 miles East of Guadeloupe, the whole of Team Arkema Lalou Multi began to organize a rescue operation for Lalou Roucayrol.

Following the capsize in very sudden and violent squalls, the skipper made immediate contact with his onshore support team to tell them he was safe and well and ask them to organize rescue operations.

First step: assessing the situation and inspecting the boat

The skipper of the Multi50, who is safe inside the boat, checked out the integrity of his overturned boat: it is structurally intact.

Rescue operation organized

Team Arkema Lalou Multi, in close cooperation with the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe Race Management, assisted by CROSS Gris-Nez, has organized rescue operations for the skipper and his trimaran Arkema. At the request of the Race Management, Pierre Antoine on board the trimaran Olmix (Rhum Multi) is currently diverting to give assistance to Lalou Roucayrol.

Meanwhile, Quentin Vlamynck, boat captain of the Multi50 Arkema, boarded a towing vessel which has set off from Martinique this Thursday 15 November, to meet up with Olmix, the objective being for Lalou to get onboard with a rigid-hulled inflatable boat on board the towing vessel, in order to join the Multi50 Arkema salvage team. The towing vessel will then take approximately 2 days at sea to reach the area.

This procedure involving transfer at sea is unprecedented in the history of ocean racing.

Since we first heard of the boat’s capsize this morning, messages of support for Lalou and the Team have been pouring in at Arkema. For us, what matters is that Lalou is safe and well. Solidarity is one of Arkema’s values, and today more than ever the Group stands by its skipper in heart and mind, in this ordeal