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Arkema worldwide


Arkema is one of the world’s leading producers of fluorochemicals. Its Forane® range of products includes refrigerants, foam blowing agents for foams, solvents and propellants for aerosols.

The Forane® refrigerant fluids are used in a variety of air conditioning and refrigeration applications such as:

  • Automotive air conditioning
  • Commercial and residential air conditioning
  • Industrial and commercial refrigeration
  • Food processing
  • Transport refrigeration
  • Appliances

Forane® foams, solvents and aerosols are also used in a wide range of applications:

  • Blowing agents for the production of foam, insulation boards, and sandwich panels
  • Solvents for precision cleaning
  • Propellants for aerosols.

Arkema is the world's largest supplier of fluorinated blowing agents for the rigid foam market.