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In order to enhance and drive the future growth of our company in Japan and also Asia, we are looking for new employees to bring their excellence, expertise and talent to ARKEMA K.K. Our ideal candidates will support ARKEMA K.K.’s innovative and efficient chemical operations and will be able to fulfill the needs of our customers.

Your professional career at ARKEMA K.K.

At Arkema group, we think that by placing employees in a variety of contexts where they can broaden their skills in different environments, enhances their career capital.

The business units and functions of ARKEMA K.K. are designed to allow employees to further develop their skills and expertise through the diversity of professional experience available.

For example, an R&D engineer or a chemist at Kyoto Technical Center can gain expertise in team management, project management or even diversify their skills in related fields such as product line management, marketing or sales. This could lead to the possibility of expanding career opportunities across the Asia region.

Working at ARKEMA K.K. will provide a satisfying, rewarding career and enable you to make a critical contribution to the Arkema group’s global expansion.