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Arkema is one of the main global producers of organic peroxides. There are twelve production plants on four continents and three research centers in Europe, the USA, and Asia.  The Luperox® brand was first trademarked in 1967, and various materials have been in regular production ever since.

Product names:

  • Luperox®
  • Vul-Cup® R
  • Di-Cup® R


Organic peroxides are essential for:

  • Polymerization of styrene, vinyl chloride, ethylene, and acrylic monomers.  This activity provides commonly known everyday polymers for food packaging, paint and coatings, and construction materials among many others.
  • Traditional and advanced composites replacing structural metal in automobiles, wind energy, aerospace, or recreational markets.  Most often, organic peroxides are used to cure liquid resins overlaid on fiberglass or carbon fibers, forming a strong yet very lightweight matrix.
  • Crosslinking of rubber and elastomers to increase their mechanical strength and resistance to chemicals or weather. This process of connecting parallel polymer chains is essential to the production of wire and cable, automotive parts, oil and gas exploration tools and footwear around the world.