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Solutions for glass coating

Arkema has been a real pioneer in the glass coating market. For the past 40 years, Arkema has developed solutions for glass manufacturers with both hot-end and cold-end coatings, as well as for the beverage industry with coatings for returnable glass bottles.

Coatings for glass manufacturers with Certincoat® and Tegoglas® glass producers will benefit from faster production speed, glass weight reduction, and less expensive products.

Arkema's brands help the glass industry achieve:

  • Protection from scratching and reduction of breakage on conveyer lines
  • Durability during transportation and handling
  • Better lubricity in thin-walled, lightweight glass containers
  • Flexible cold-end coating for labeling glues

Coatings for returnable glass bottles

Kercoat® coating provides long-lasting protection, scratch resistance and reduces scuffing of glass surfaces during filling and transportation.
Opticoat® coating masks scuffs in glass to renew the appearance of bottles beyond 50 fills. Opticoat® coating can be applied to labeled bottles and does not slow filling plant speed.

Fillers using returnable glass bottles always struggle with unattractive, scuffed bottles that reduce the lifespan of the container. To preserve the lifespan and appearance of returnable bottles, Arkema has developed solutions to delay the formation of scuff rings and to mask those that have formed.

Thanks to these two solutions, returnable bottles are in use at least twice as long – 50 cycles instead of 25 – while keeping them attractive to consumers.