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With a 50-year legacy of developing some of the highest performing polymers across an array of diverse markets, Arkema offers a comprehensive range of fine polyamide powders for powder bed fusion technologies. With its partners, Arkema continues to design new materials and uncover new applications to help its customers realize the full potential of 3D printing.


Rilsan® polyamide 11

Rilsan® polyamide 11 fine powders, is a high performance polyamide 100% bio-based. Parts made from Rilsan® polyamide powders display superior mechanical properties and weight saving compared to polyamide 12, with outstanding impact resistance, and higher ductility and elasticity.
Combined with its low refreshing factor (typically 50% of part cake), Rilsan® polyamide 11 is the material of choice to design and manufacture final production parts by additive manufacturing.
You can find parts in today’s cars, trucks, planes, and medical devices. Rilsan® polyamide 11 is now chosen by more and more companies for additive manufacturing projects thanks to its unparalleled mechanical strength and durability.


Product highlight

  • 100% bio-based – sustainable castor oil
  • Superior elasticity and ductility compared to PA 12
  • Superior impact resistance
  • Excellent powder bed fusion processing characteristics
  • Meets USP Class VI requirements (natural)
  • Matte finish (mass coloration for black)

Compatible printing technologies

  • SLS
  • MJF


Kepstan® PEKK

Kepstan® PEKK (PolyEtherKetoneKetone) is the latest addition to the PAEK (Poly-Aryl-Ether-Ketone) family, and is ideally suited for metal replacement thanks to its very high service temperature, chemical resistance, and excellent fire retardancy.
These attributes, coupled with its mechanical integrity, have already made Kepstan® PEKK the material of choice for additive manufacturing particularly in the aerospace industry. Compared to PEEK, Kepstan® PEKK is substantially easier to process with lower refresh rate.


Product highlight

  • Outstanding high temperature performance
  • Inherent flame resistance, low smoke generation, and toxicity
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Outstanding mechanical, wear, and impact properties

Compatible printing technology

  • SLS


Orgasol® polyamide 12

Orgasol Invent Smooth powders are a natural polyamide 12 specifically developed for 3D printing. Polyamide 12 is a thermoplastic polymer that provides a good combination of physical, chemical and mechanical properties.
Thanks to its unique particle shape and narrow particle size distribution, Orgasol powders are the perfect material for the prototyping of small, complex parts, which display excellent contour resolution, yielding an incomparably smooth surface with no post-processing.


Product highlight

  • Excellent part detailing
  • Among the the lowest refresh rate in the market
  • Smooth finish resembling that of injection molded parts
  • Minimize post treatment operation
  • Excellent color durability

Compatible printing technology

  • SLS