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 Scaleva® MSA, a safer eco-friendly cleaning solution

製品群を見る sulfonyls.

Scaleva® offers an outstanding combination of properties for use in hard surface cleaning and removal of lime and metalic (iron) scales. Scaleva® is used in the sector of metal cleaning, acid base cleaner for food industry and beverage industries, I&I, concrete cleaning, membrane cleaning, etc.

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Chemical name: Methane sulfonic acid, CH3SO3H
Common name: MSA
Trademark: Scaleva®

A more and more demanding cleaning market

As a manufacturer or formulator of cleaning products, your main aim is to offer innovating products that satisfy the consumer desire and needs. Whatever the end market, and beyond always looking for the most effective and universal cleaner at the lowest price, consumers now want "cleaner" cleaners, and expect manufacturers to offer products that are "safe for the user and their children, safe for the Earth and their equipment or furnitures".


The acid cleaners do not derogate to this new rule and we know that, as a responsible manufacturer, you are facing strong challenges for developing highly efficient and sustainable products with a lowest possible environmental impact while meeting ever stringent and binding regulations and certifications. At Arkema, we do not want you choose between efficiency and safety or the environment, and offer you to have the solution that smeets all these requiurement with our Methane Sulfonic Acid (MSA) grade, Scaleva®.

Scaleva® MSA, the new generation of environmental friendly acid cleaner

Arkema’s Scaleva® is the most efficient new generation descaling acid cleaning agent without negative effect on the environment, offering an outstanding combination of properties for use in hard surface cleaning and sanitization, removal of scales and rust (lime, iron…). 

Scaleva® MSA properties and performances

Scaleva® MSA is a strong organic acid that promotes rapid attack on carbonate and oxide scales and results with a high solubility of Scaleva® MSA salts in water. It REACH certified and NSF registered. It contains no phosphorus or nitrogen, making it environmentally friendly and less corrosive than other strong acids. It is listed as a safer chemical by EPA  and readily biodegradable. 


Scaleva® MSA can be formulated safely and easily, with various surface active agents or biocides, to improve overall efficiency and efficacy of your cleaning mixtures an to propose Ecolabel and Food & Beverage compliant formulations.

In addition, of higher performances, it may reduce the number of cleaning time and steps involved and the amount of water used while facilitating the effluents disposal and reducing their post- treatment cost.

Main fields of applications

  • Scaleva® is the solution for descaling applications including cooling towers, evaporative coolers, hot water boilers, processing equipment and more.
  • Scaleva® is used in Food & Beverage, concrete, household, petrochemicals, and formulated cleaner applications.
  • Scaleva® is the best acid choice to replace fuming, weak, and environmentally polluting acid.
  • At the same active concentrations, Scaleva® does a better job in 15 minutes than phosphoric acid does after 45 minutes.
  • For stainless steel cleaning that requires high acid content, we recommend our MSA LC grade.


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