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MSA LC represents the latest innovation in product development by Arkema’s R&D and corrosion experts. MSA LC is a strong acid esterification catalyst that improves yield for biodiesel producers using advantaged feeds, with significantly reduced corrosivity toward stainless steel materials.
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Chemical name : Methane Sulfonic Acid Low Corrosion
Common name : MSA LC

Product description

Arkema’s MSA LC is a low corrosion formulation strong acid that provides a wide range of benefits for esterification in the biodiesel industry. MSA LC is fully compatible with standard stainless steels AISI 304L, AISI 316L and their low carbon or Ti stabilized versions. Using the MSA LC grade in a biodiesel unit can significantly reduce the risk of corrosion in pipes, reactors, separators, and purification units.

Customer benefits

  •      High yields of quality biodiesel

  •      Corrosion control throughout the process

  •      Better selectivity than other acids

  •      Reduction in waste treatment

  •      Reduces maintenance and down time

  •      Better biodiesel color and clarity.

“Switching to MSA LC enabled us to make a product that we could not make before – Glycerol Platinum Seed. Arkema was also a lot more helpful than our previous provider who just dropped off the product.” - U.S Biodiesel Customer

Customers choose MSA LC as a higher-performing alternative acid that avoids the corrosion problems that arise when inorganic acids, such as sulfuric acid and hydrochloric acid, are used in pre-esterification.

Product properties

MSA LC is a unique acid with significantly reduced corrosivity towards 304L and 316L stainless steels.

  •    MSA LC is very efficient for the pretreatment of oils containing > 1.0% FFA - to convert the FFA’s to biodiesel. This innovative product affords higher conversion with time vs. H2SO4.

  •    MSA LC also reduces the creation of by-products as this catalyst is non-oxidizing and non-dehydrating. Customers find that their final product has better color, and there is less catalyst loss as well.

  •    MSA LC can be used as a single acid throughout the biodiesel process to obtain good quality glycerin co-product. Customers appreciate fewer salts and MSA LC makes processing easier.

MSA-LC is available in drums, totes aand bulk. Contact a specialist for a free sample.

Arkema biodiesel service

If your esterification need is for free fatty acid conversions, then our technical experts can work with you to demonstrate how MSA LC is the best catalyst for direct esterification of FFAs.

If you are searching for a catalyst for your biodiesel formulation, Arkema can show you why sulfuric acid fails to outperform MSA LC when it comes to providing a cleaner phase split.

Using MSA LC as a catalyst reduces the amount of base used to neutralize the acid entrained in the oil. The better split allows one to separate the acid containing aqueous layer and use it elsewhere in the process for acidulations.


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