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From acrylics to thiochemicals, browse below for Arkema’s major product families, listed in alphabetical order. What market do these families target? What are the main brand names for each of them? What sales team should I contact? We answer all your questions.


The Arkema Group supports the automotive and transportation industries in meeting the challenge of reducing CO2 emissions. To contribute to transportation which is increasingly reliable while also respectful of the environment, the Group provides equipment manufacturers and car makers with a complete range of innovative products.

Related products and business unit:

  • Rilsan® Polyamides: Transmissions, opening mechanisms and noise dampening, fuel lines and fluid flows (braking, clutch system, cooling) offer a high level of thermal, mechanical and chemical resistance. (Business Unit: Technical Polymers)
  • Hot-melt Adhesives: "Smart” high-tech adhesives and glues, and thermoplastic resins (Business Unit: Bostik)
  • Heavy mercaptans (TDM, NOM, NDM): Molecular weight regulator required to manufacture various plastics and synthetic rubbers (ABS, SBR, SB Latex & etc. (Business Unit: Thiochemicals)
  • Luperox® (Organic Peroxides): Luperox® are used for the production of raw materials found in automotive parts such as hoses, belts, gaskets, o-rings and vehicle body panels. (Business Unit: Functional Additives)
  • Sartomer: Automotive head lamp, interior coating resin, cable, tubes, PVC & PO compounding co agent, Anti reversion agent for automotive tire
  • Siliporite®: Air filter and brake moisture adsorbent. (Business Unit: Surfactants and additives)
  • Dinoram®, Stabiram®: Asphalt Emulsifier, Processing takes place at ambient temperature. (Business Unit: Surfactants and additives).

Renewable energies

In response to a growing demand for energy and a need to preserve the environment, the Arkema Group is innovating to speed up the development of renewable energies. It provides new materials which improve the performance of solar panels and lithium-ion batteries, as well as a heat transfer fluid for concentrated solar power plants (CSP), thereby strengthening the competitiveness of these business segments.

The global demand for energy is expected to double by 2050. Given the optimized use of fossil fuels and the necessity to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, resorting to renewable energies has now become inescapable. The Arkema Group has made this issue one of its major fields of innovation and is involved in growing new markets, both in terms of energy production and energy storage.

Related products and business unit:

  • PVDF Kynar® Film: Protect the backside of the panels against humidity and solar aging. As a result, the lifespan of panels is extended beyond 20 years. (Business Unit: Technical Polymers)
  • Apolhya® Solar: New generation flexible photovoltaic modules. As no crosslinking is required for the implementation of this product, the production time of the panels is reduced, and end of life recycling is easier.
  • Elium®: Our new Elium® thermoplastic resin, Arkema is increasingly active in the wind power market. In particular it allows energy savings. Bonding takes place at ambient temperature: molds no longer need heating! Furthermore, thanks to a depolymerization process developed by Arkema’s R&D, composite parts that contain the Elium® resin are recyclable. This is a big first and a real plus for wind turbine blade manufacturers, who are mindful of the future of their installations as well as the issue of recycling.
  • Sartomer: Solar cell EVA sheet encapsulant and Anti PID (Potential Induced Degradation) materials. This new protective technology is greener than green: it is solvent-free and emits zero volatile organic compounds. (VOC)
  • Methan Sulfonic Acid (MSA): Acid catalyst for Bio-Methanol production, a renewable fuel.  (Business Unit: Thiochemicals)
  • Jarytherm®: Fluid that can improve the heat transfer efficiency of boiler. (Business Unit: Oxygenated solvents)

Electronics & Electric cables

The Arkema Group is mobilizing its innovation resources to provide solutions for the electronics market. This sector is now facing the technological limits of silicon-based components. As a leading fluorine specialist, Arkema provides fluoro-specialties development and production to key partners where fluorine makes a difference. The Foranext® range leverages our fluorination expertise to create fluorogases used in a variety of electronic and semiconductor applications from plasma etching to chamber cleaning and more.

When a giant South Korean electronics company recently presented an ultrathin TV screen that can be rolled up like a tapestry, our researchers definitely took notice. The totally flexible screen, pliable as a sheet of paper, is based on a cutting-edge technology that Sartomer is working on.

Electronics has always been a major application for our resins, which are used in television screens, tablets and smartphones to enhance definition and brightness. The challenge is to adapt to each new generation of products in a fast-growing market.

Related products and business unit:

  • Rilsan®: High level of performance and rigidity can favorably replace metal parts. (Business Unit: Technical Polymers)
  • Sarbox®: Multifunctional acid resins used for adhesion to metal or plastic in high performance electronic applications. (Business Unit: Sartomer)
  • Kynar® and Kynar Flex® polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) resins: Due to their exceptional chemical and mechanical resistance, they are particularly suited to meeting stringent requirements such as those for security and fire alarm cables. (Business Unit: Technical Polymers)
  • Sartomer: Prism sheet for lcD, Q.D film, OLED Protective film material, Optical adhesive OCA, OCR Synthetic Materials.

Oil & Gas

Extraction, transportation of oil and gas, refining and petrochemicals: Arkema’s products are present throughout the entire chain. Its additives improve production yields, its technical polymers protect pipelines, and its expertise in thiochemicals enhances desulfurization processes and gas odorization.

Exploring for oil and gas ever further afield and deeper in the ground, processing crude oil into products that comply with increasingly stringent environmental standards: the oil and gas industry is faced with a number of challenges.

As a true partner, Arkema designs innovative products and materials for the different stages of the chain while also providing ad hoc services.

Related products and business unit:

  • Siliporite®: These products are also essential for drying and purifying of petroleum and gas cuts. (Business Unit: Surfactants and additives)
  • DMDS (Dimethyl Disulfide): HDT, VRDS metal catalyst activator, petrochemical steam cracker, PDH anti-coking agent. (Business Unit: Thiochemicals)
  • Carelflex®: This reagent activates the metal catalysts used in the desulfurization units of the refineries. (Business Unit: Thiochemicals)
  • Spotleak®Vigileak®, CoDetect®: Products for odorization must therefore be added to the gases to make them detectable in the event of leaks. (Business Unit: Thiochemicals)

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