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Accolade® and Paladin®, your premier and sustainable solutions for agricultural soil fumigation


Arkema has developped Accolade® and Paladin® as fumigation solutions in various countries with a broad spectrum of effectiveness (nematicide, herbicide, fungicide). Used for the preparation of horticultural soils, DMDS (dimethyl disulphide) has a proven track record of significant yield improvement. This sustainable generation of treatment is based on dimethyl disulphide (DMDS), a substance derived from sulphur that occurs naturally in the environment. Our solution is available in 2 applications, shank or drip and is combined to a barrier film which the manufacture is completely designed by Arkema for  a safe and efficient use.

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Your value-added partnership with Arkema

According to the local practices and approvals, our products ranges Accolade® and Paladin® can be used in drip or shank applications in fruits, vegetables and horticultural crops.


Superior product performances

Accolade® and Paladin® are modern, and proved efficient technologies to fight soil pests, ensuring healthy, productive crops in line with values-chain needs. They are the most sustainable tools to guarantee your high return on investment:


  • Broad spectrum: Accolade® and Paladin® ensure effective control of a large number of soil bound pests and diseases in various crops, including Cyperus spp.
  • Long-lasting control: Growers can only rely on Accolade® and Paladin® for very long lasting control, allowing them to reduce spraying during cropping cycle and manage residues in the produce, focusing on crop performance to achieve high output and quality.
  • High value for money: Accolade® and Paladin® are the new benchmark in soil fumigation and thanks to their benefits in terms of efficacy and complete fit with food chain requirements are reliable tools to achieve excellent production with a consistent return on investment.

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Accolade® and Paladin® properties

The innovative chemistry of DMDS has a totally new mode of action and grants a broad spectrum of control of key soil pests, diseases, and weeds in a wide range of protected and field crops.

fleche rouge.JPG Natural occurrence

fleche rouge.JPG Not classified CMR

fleche rouge.JPG Relative vapour density: 3.25

fleche rouge.JPG % sulfur = 68% or 720 g/l



fleche rouge.JPG Garlic & ether-like odor

fleche rouge.JPG ODP (Ozone depeting potential) = 0

fleche rouge.JPG Purity > 99%

fleche rouge.JPG Flammable

Environmental sustainability

DMDS has a limited persistence in the environment and no long-term toxicological effect.



  • Major component of the biogenic and atmospheric sulphur cycle


  • Full biodegradation in soil
  • Full biotop recovery within a year
  • DMDS has no potential for bio accumulation, it is compatible with IPM program




  • DMDS does not persist neither in air nor in water
  • No impact on the ozone layer


  • DMDS is listed as a flavour agent in food in the EU
  • No adversely impact on pollinators and insects population

An unrivalled stewardship program

Superior product performances along with an unrivalled stewardship program, for the safety of users, consumers and the environment, make of Accolade® and Paladin® the most modern tool for soil care with:



A comprehensive set of services:

  • Distributors profile assessement
  • Arkema charter
  • Trainings
  • Audit
  • Technical support
  • New innovative technologies
  • Secure applications to minimize risks for operators and the environment while ensuring product performance
  • Odor management




A comprehensive package:

  • Fumigant Accolade® and Paladin®
  • Barrier film
  • Pump or shank machine
  • Application service provider


Focus on... our barrier film TIF

Our barrier film TIF has been completely developed by arkema and is compliant with several regulations (EPA regulations in the US, European d;rective 97/474/CEE, NF T 54-795-1, CE EN 77098-7&2) 

What are the benefits for the worker? 

  • Helps to retain DMDS longer in the soil, to obtain better efficacy and yield
  • Enhances gas exchanges between deep soil and soil surface, improving uniformity of distribution 
  • Mitigates emissions from the field to the air
  • Mitigates the worker and bystanders exposure to the product
  • Helps to reduce the dose rate
  • Reduces the buffer zone