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Amine Additives for Polymers and Resins

製品群を見る amines.

Arkema's amine additives can have various applications such as catalysts for resins, co-monomers or shortstoppers thanks to the variety of chemical functions of our products.

Additionally, Arkema produces alkylamines (polyamines, alkylalcanolamines, etc). For example, they can be used as cataysts for resins or co-monomers or acid scavengers. Those amines, with their various characteristics are used by many players in the coatings, adhesives and cosmetics industries.

All products listed below are available from stock. Arkema is also developing amines per customer request (from single gram samples to hundred tons).

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Amines for Chemical Synthesis and Pharmaceuticals
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Basic amines are used essentially as building blocks or acid scavengers in fine chemistry.

In addition to basic amines, Arkema ...