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Over the past 50 years, Arkema has developed expertise in the manufacturing of amines by a variety of processes, including alcohol amination and reductive amination of aldehydes and ketones. Our dedicated specialty amine multipurpose unit provides the flexibility to carry out many other reactions, including methylation, cyanoethylation, hydrogenation of nitriles, and high pressure hydrogenation.

Key applications include adhesives, paints, and resins, pharmaceutical and agrochemical development, polymerization, water treatment, foundry resins, and solutions for surfactant, textile, cosmetic, perfume, oil and petrochemicals, rubber and electronics.
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Amine Additives for Polymers and Resins
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Arkema's amine additives can have various applications such as catalysts for resins, co-monomers or shortstoppers thanks to the variety ...

Amines for Chemical Synthesis and Pharmaceuticals
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Basic amines are used essentially as building blocks or acid scavengers in fine chemistry.

In addition to basic amines, Arkema ...