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Orgasol® Restore - Multifunctional powder with replenishing ceramides


Designed to impart sensory appeal, instant smoothing and regenerative benefits to stressed and mature skin, Orgasol® Restore brings the original efficacy of ceramides into a multifunctional powder.

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11月 16 2021

コスメ & ビューティー EXPO 2021

アルケマは、2021年11月17日(水)から19日(金)までオンラインで開催されるコスメ & ビューティー EXPOに出展いたします。

5月 11 2021

CITE JAPAN 2021 - 第10回化粧品産業技術展

アルケマは、2021年5月19日(水)から21日(金)まで、パシフィコ横浜にて開催されるCITE JAPAN 2021 - 第10回化粧品産業技術展に出展いたします。

4月 26 2021
    企業情報 製品

第1回アディティブ・マニュファクチャリング 日仏ワークショップ

アルケマは、2021年5月10日から12日に開催される第1回アディティブ・マニュファクチャリング 日仏ワークショップに参加します。


Inside Orgasol® Restore

Together with cholesterol and saturated fatty acids, ceramides are essential components of the epidermis. They help prevent water loss and protect the skin from external stresses. These amphiphilic molecules are generally insoluble in water and in oils at low temperature.

Product Benefits

Repair the cutaneous barrier

  • Fight skin dryness

  • Anti-aging, anti-wrinkle

  • Treat stressed and mature skin

  • Moisturizing, fight discomfort, flaking, cracking






The repairing action of Orgasol® Restore has been evaluated through a full clinical – instrumental study and self-assessment by volunteers with mature skin. Skin properties can be measured using various accurate and effective methods such as TEWL evaluation, sebumetry or image analysis.

Enhancing the sensory experience

  • Velvety, creamy

  • Powder finish

  • Spreading

  • Long-lasting wear






In parallel to their functional properties, Orgasol® active powders transform the sensory experience of your formulation with a signature touch.

Achieving optical perfection

  • Instant blurring or soft focus effect

  • Anti-wrinkle

  • Even complexion

  • Shine control






Due to their intrinsic physical properties, Orgasol® active powders also deliver an instant and long-lasting optical blurring effect and significantly decrease the length, surface and volume of wrinkles.