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Orgasol® Hydra+ - Micro-porous powders with hyaluronic acid benefits


Original micro-porous powders enhancing the sensory and visual effects of your formulas while delivering the benefits of hyaluronic acid.

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11月 16 2021

コスメ & ビューティー EXPO 2021

アルケマは、2021年11月17日(水)から19日(金)までオンラインで開催されるコスメ & ビューティー EXPOに出展いたします。

5月 11 2021

CITE JAPAN 2021 - 第10回化粧品産業技術展

アルケマは、2021年5月19日(水)から21日(金)まで、パシフィコ横浜にて開催されるCITE JAPAN 2021 - 第10回化粧品産業技術展に出展いたします。

4月 26 2021
    企業情報 製品

第1回アディティブ・マニュファクチャリング 日仏ワークショップ

アルケマは、2021年5月10日から12日に開催される第1回アディティブ・マニュファクチャリング 日仏ワークショップに参加します。


Inside Orgasol® Hydra+

A linear and water-soluble polysaccharide, hyaluronic acid is an essential component of the dermis and the epidermis. With its ability to trap water molecules, it plays a key role in skin hydration and water circulation. But it is also known to favor cell mobility, tissue adhesion and proliferation.


Easy to incorporate into water-based formulas, hyaluronic acid is however quite difficult to use in anhydrous media such as sticks or powders.

Product Benefits

Delivering deep and efficient hydration

  • Active make up

  • Moisturizing

  • Anti-aging, reduce fine lines and wrinkles

  • Restore elacticity

  • Skin smoothness


The moisturizing action of Orgasol® Hydra+ has been evaluated through a full clinical - instrumental study and self-assessment by the volunteers. Skin properties can be measured using various accurate and effective methods such as corneometry, suction/elongation method or image analysis. Consistent short- and long-term results were obtained on various face colour applications: hot-poured foundation, lip gloss and compact powder.



Enhancing the sensory experience

  • Creamy

  • Powder finish

  • Long lasting wear



In parallel with their functional properties, Orgasol® active powders transform the sensory experience of your formulation with a signature touch.

Achieving optical perfection

  • Instant blurring or soft focus effect

  • Anti-wrinkle

  • Even complexion

  • Shine control



Due to their intrinsic physical properties, Orgasol® active powders also deliver an instant and long-lasting optical blurring effect and significantly decrease the length, surface and volume of wrinkles.