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​​​​​​​Neoliens biobased nonionic surfactant

Our new bio-based surfactant range, Neoliens™ provide multiple benefits and advantages, enhances lubricant and industrial applications:

Stable emulsion with low particule size / Low foam behavior, high HLB version / Narrow range ethoxylated surfactant possible TCO (Total Cost Ownership) benefits / Designed for acidic and basic pH range for industrial application, rolling oil and metal working fluid / Designed for high perfomance industrial cleaner: high detergency and surfactant behavior / Non aquatoxic surfactant and Readily biodegradable: 87,8 % after 28 days (Method: OECD Test Guideline 301 F).

The range is derived from castor oil, a vegetal source out of palm oil and without competition with food chain. Neoliens product formulations meet and outperform today’s formulator and consumer needs while limiting the impact on the environment.
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Innovative bio-based surfactant solution for lubricants and industrial applications

An innovative chemistry for solution and advantage

Neoliens, Arkema non ionic surfactant, is an innovative chemistry in the surfactant world due to the advantages of this new bio sourced alcohol starter to produce ehtoxylated / alkoxylated surfactant and also by the technology to produce it.

Neoliens is an advantageous solution for stable emulsion in cold rolling emulsion, as well metalworking emulsion (emulsion, semi synthetic, micro emulsion, MQL micro quantity lubrication, synthetic). This emulsion stability, by low PSD in soft to hard water condition as well from room temperature to high application temperature is an advantage to reduce cost and improve the life of a bath.

Also less foaming sensitivity, keeping in the same time good emulsifier properties due to his high HLB value, compared to classical surfactant (even Eo-Po) is an advantage in terms of cost and maintenance of the system, keeping in the same time good.

Our Non ionic Neoliens surfactant is designed to be used in cleaner formulation with outstanding results in detergency and surfactant behavior to remove to soil for a surface. Neoliens is suitable for all kind of rolling, metal working and generally speaking inductrial aplliction that is resquesting an non ionic surfactant. The neoliens with his non aquatoxicty, his biodegrabiliy, his alcohol bio sourced is a real advantage and solution for sustainable product.

Neoliens overview

The innovative Neoliens is a tailer made surfactant with an evolutive technology based not only on his new alcohol starter but also due to the possibility on alcoxylation Arkema ability to use Eo,Po,Bo. It is a sustainable solution with no impact on aquatic life and water cycle providing advantage on emulsion application for lubricant and cleaners.

Neoliens is also a new generation of surfactant to replace every alkyl phenol surfactant as well surfactant with a water negative impact providing good emulsion stability reducing the cost and improving the process.

Strong surfactants with low foaming properties

The RossMiles is a foaming test comparing our Neoliens bio sourced fatty alcohol surfactant with an Arkema low foam surfactant , Ensoline LF54 ( Eo-Po). The result is that our high HLB Neoliens surfactant is forming less foam in water phase Ross Miles test than a reference alcoxylated Eo-Po( low cloud point ) low forming surfactant. The Neoliens, our non aquatoxic surfactant, has an advantage, being high HLB, to reduce the foam in water phase.

Product in this range

Neoliens: Fatty alcohol ethoxylates non aquatox

Product Description Ethylene Aspect (20°C) Cloud point (method)  HLB Active content
Neoliens® E3D



Alcohol ethoxylate





61-65°C (g) 10.8



100 %

Neoliens® E6

6 63-67°C (g) 13.4

Neoliens® E8

8 68-72°C (c) 14.6

Neoliens® EP64

- 22°C (b) -


  • Rolling oil formulation for emulsion: steel, Alu, yellow metal...
  • Metal working oil formulation (synthetic, semi synthetic, emulsion, MQL fluid)
  • Cleaner for steel industry
  • Cleaner for automotive and areospace industry
  • Cleaner for general industry
  • Cleaner for soil and polution cleaning
  • Every industrial product needed a surfactant and/or a detergent.

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