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Luperox® peroxydicarbonate

Luperox® peroxydicarbonate initiators are widely used for the polymerization of vinyl chloride, or in combination with Luperox® peroxyesters to polymerize ethylene or acrylic polymers.
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Luperox® 223EN60H emulsion initiator
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Luperox® 223EN60H emulsion initiator is an aqueous initiator system of di-(2-ethylhexyl) peroxidicarbonate designed to offer improved ...
Luperox® 223M75 (223M75S) polymer initiator
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Luperox® 223M75 polymer initiator is a 75% active solution of EHP with added organic solvent.  Luperox® 223M75S ...
Luperox® 223S polymer initiator
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Luperox® 223S polymer initiator is pure EHP with added stabilizer that increases the self-accelerating decomposition temperature ...
Luperox® 223V75 polymer initiator
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Luperox® 223V75 polymer initiator is part of the V-series which dramatically improves the shelf life and SADT of the ...
Luperox® 610EN50 emulsion initiator
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Luperox® 610EN50 emulsion initiator is a very high activity initiator for use in suspension polymerizations of vinyl chloride to ...