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Luperox® dialkyl peroxides

Luperox®, Vul-Cup®, and Di-Cup® dialkyl peroxides are initiators for high polymers and efficient crosslinking and viscosity modifiers for polyolefins, or vulcanizing agents for elastomers.  Arkema offers a variety of pure and inert-diluted grades, or specialty grades with scorch-protection.
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DiCup® R/Luperox® DCP dicumyl peroxide
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DiCup® R/Luperox® DCP dicumyl peroxide is used as a high temperature crosslinker in rubber and plastics applications. ...
Luperox® 101PP20, 101PP10 and 101PP7.5 viscosity modifier by Arkema
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Luperox® 101PP20, 101PP10 and 101PP7.5 viscosity modifier is a 20%, 10%, or 7.5% active weight dispersion of ...
Luperox® 101XL45 crosslinking peroxide
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Luperox® 101XL45 crosslinking peroxide is a 45% active dispersion of Luperox® 101 polymer initiator on a calcium ...
Luperox® 801
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Luperox® 801 and Luperox® D-16 liquid peroxides can be used as an alternative to solid crosslinking products, in ...

Luperox® DI polymer initiator
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Luperox® DI polymer initiator is a room-temperature stable peroxide, available pure or diluted in mineral spirits. Pure material with ...
Luperox® DTA polymer initiator
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Luperox® DTA polymer initiator is useful for high temperature polymerization of solvent-borne acrylic resins for coatings, mainly used ...
​​​​​​​VulCup® R crosslinking peroxide
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VulCup® R peroxide is bis-peroxide for crosslinking engineered rubber products and elastomers.  VulCup® R peroxide ...