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Luperox® diacyl peroxides

Luperox® diacyls are widely used as curing agents for unsaturated polyester resins used in molded composites, and for skin care to treat acne.  At larger scales, diacyls are useful in bulk polymerization of styrene to form expandable polystyrene.
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Luperox® A75 benzoyl peroxide powder
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Luperox® A75 benzoyl peroxide is a 75% active grade of BPO with remainder water added for added safety, forming a water-wet ...

Luperox® AFR40 pourable benzoyl peroxide paste
  • 製品

Luperox® AFR40 pourable benzoyl peroxide paste is designed for ease of use in pumping and
spraying applications that require ...

Luperox® ANS55 benzoyl peroxide paste
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Luperox® ANS55 hydrous benzoyl peroxide paste is a blend of benzoyl peroxide and n-butyl benzyl phthalate with a proprietary ...

Luperox® ATC50 anhydrous benzoyl peroxide paste
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Luperox® ATC50 is an anhydrous benzoyl peroxide paste useful in acrylic or silicone adhesives, urethanes, polymer concrete, and ...

Luperox® SAP polymer initiator
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Luperox® SAP polymer initiator is disuccinic acid peroxide for use in polymer synthesis applications.  The product aspect is a frozen solid ...
​​​​​​​Luperox® LP dilauroyl peroxide initiator
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Luperox® LP dilauroyl peroxide is the one of two very fast half-life ambient control temperature peroxides sold by Arkema worldwide ...