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​​​​​​​Siliporite® for Pharmaceutical packaging

Molecular sieves are used in pharmaceutical packaging to protect medical drugs from moisture.
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​​​​​​​Siliporite® NK 10 AP for pharmaceutical
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Molecular sieves activated powders are incorporated to the polypropylene liner of the tube to keep the moisture away from pharmaceuticals and blood ...
​​​​​​​Siliporite® NK 10 and NK 30 beads
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Molecular sieves beads are inserted in the stopper of the pharmaceutical tubes to protect them from moisture.
Siliporite® NK 10 and NK 30 ...

Your value-added partnership with Arkema, the worldwide molecular sieves supplier

Since 1958 Arkema has been a major player in molecular sieves and a renowned expert in the field with its Siliporite® registered trademark.

Siliporite® NK10 beads are Arkema’s solution for pharmaceutical packaging.

The powder form Siliporite® NK10AP USP can be compounded with a polymeric matrix. This grade complies with USP 670 regulation for pharmaceutical packaging.