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​​​​​​​Siliporite® for Insulated glass

Siliporite® Molecular sieves in beads or powder are used to adsorb condensation in between windowpanes.
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​​​​​​​Siliporite® NK 10 AP for polyurethane
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High performance molecular sieves activated powder for short POT life PU when gassing and bubbling are not an issue.
​​​​​​​Siliporite® NK 30 AP
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Molecular sieves activated powder designed for gassing and bubbling control in polyurethane..
​​​​​​​Siliporite® SA 1720 for polyurethane
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Molecular sieves activated powder designed for high pot life for polyurethane application

Your value-added partnership with Arkema, the worldwide molecular sieves supplier

Since 1958 Arkema has been a major player in molecular sieves and a renowned expert in the field with its Siliporite® registered trademark.

Insulated glass units are composed of at least two glass panes separated by a space filled with air or an inert gas (argon, krypton). Moisture from the air trapped during fabrication can create fogging on the glass. To avoid fogging a desiccant will maintain water-free space between the panes.

Warm edge sealants

This technology consists in a flexible elastomer (butyl or silicone based). Molecular sieves in powder form are blended into the flexible elastomer seal. Siliporite® NK30 AP (Activated Powder) provides high adsorption capacity at low moisture levels. Easy to incorporate into an elastomer, Siliporite® NK 30 AP avoids co-adsorption of other gases and protects the insulated glass against fogging.

Siliporite® G5 XP provides the highest adsorption capacity and can be used to remove odors coming from Volatile Organic Compounds. Thanks to years of experience in production of synthetic zeolites, Arkema provides reliable quality in grain size distribution and pore size for consistent elastomer viscosity.

Aluminum spacer bars

This technology consists in aluminum bars filled with desiccant beads separating the windowpanes.

Siliporite® NK30 B molecular sieves have the lowest density and their distribution grain size is precisely controlled. Our Siliporite® NK30 B molecular sieves comply with the latest European Standard and are approved by the main national insulated glass organizations (CEKAL, RAL, UNI, APPLUS).