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Additives for Plastics - Clearstrength® MBS Impact Modifiers

Clearstrength® MBS impact modifiers are available around the world for use in engineering resins applications.  The Clearstrength® E-series has been developed to withstand severe processing conditions and bring high impact peformance especially at low temperatures. Applications include PC/ABS monitor housings, PC/PBT automotive bumpers, and PC cell phone housings among a host of others. Our new MBS Clearstrength® XT100 offers the possibility to bring impact performances in high performance composites and structural adhesives markets.
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Clearstrength® 140
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Clearstrength® 140 MBS impact modifier is a high clarity and non crease whitening MBS product used in film and sheet. This includes ...
Clearstrength® 223
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Clearstrength® 223 MBS impact modifier is recommended for injection molded and opaque sheet or profile PVC applications where ...
Clearstrength® 303H
  • 製品
Clearstrength® 303H MBS impact modifier is designed for use in clear packaging or films where quick fusion, added impact strength, or ...
Clearstrength® 320
  • 製品
Clearstrength® 320 MBS impact modifier is a general purpose modifier for transparent PVC films, sheets, and bottles.  The high ...
Clearstrength® 350
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Clearstrength® 350 MBS impact modifier offers low temperature impact performance to applications in calendared or extruded film and ...

Clearstrength® 859
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Clearstrength® 859 MBS impact modifier is designed for use in opaque pipe and fitting or technical films that require the highest ...
Clearstrength® E920
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Clearstrength® E920 MBS impact modifier is recommended for use in polycarbonate (PC), polybutylene terephthalate (PBT), and blends ...
Clearstrength® E922
  • 製品
Clearstrength® E922 MBS impact modifier is Clearstrength® E920 modifier offered in pellet form to provide ease of ...
Clearstrength® E950
  • 製品
Clearstrength® E950 is a new MBS impact modifier that imparts excellent ambient and cold temperature toughness to engineering ...
Clearstrength® E952
  • 製品
Clearstrength® E952 MBS impact modifier is a pelletized version of Clearstrength® E950 MBS impact modifier offering less dusting and easier ...
Clearstrength® W300
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Clearstrength® W300 acrylic impact modifier offers impact performance to transparent PVC resins without impairing clarity. The unique ...
Clearstrength® XT 100
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Clearstrength® XT 100 is a MMA-butadiene-styrene (MBS) core-shell impact modifier designed to meet the most demanding technical ...