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Rheocoat™ is a range of alkali swellable emulsions (ASE and HASE) focused on water retention improvement and coating color’s solids stabilization.

They work on blade load control and coating defects treatment: bleeding, misting, orange peel, jet instability.

They can comply with food contact, paper and board regulations.

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Rheocoat™ 27
  • 製品

Rheocoat™ 27 is a thickener with moderate thickening power and outstanding water retention properties for coated paper and ...

Rheocoat™ 35
  • 製品

Rheocoat™ 35 is a strong thickener at low and high shear rates and confers a very good water retention aid.

It ...

Rheocoat™ 66 SN
  • 製品

Rheocoat™ 66 SN provides exceptionnal runnability thanks to an optimized rheological balance with superior water ...

Rheocoat™ 93
  • 製品

Rheocoat™ 93 is an associative thickener.

It improves cost/performance ratio: low amounts even at medium/low ...