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Today, our activities must contribute positively to the global society in which we live and in which future generations will live. Joining us is helping to design the world of tomorrow.

Our values


To stand together, in the decision-making process that commits the company, in the recognition of collective interests, in the position of the company in its environment, to be able to work together.


To act in order to improve something, in short, middle and long-term by anticipating the possible future results.


To meet the demand of one's activities, in the management of one's role as a driver of change, in the consequences of one's actions as a principle of citizenship of the company.


In the way of behaving, communicating, posing problems and solving them, building tools/methods/structures.

The Arkema group has teams with a high level of technical competence, professionalism and performance. To nourish this collective energy, Arkema invests in the development of its human talent, it is a company that is concerned with its development.

We invest in career management, diversity, international mobility, training, proper working conditions, and great benefits and salaries.

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced candidate, looking for a permanent contract, a fixed-term contract, an internship or a work-study contract, a student or already a professional, join us!

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