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Arkema worldwide


Arkema Brazil’s Headquarter


Near the industrial area of São Paulo, the Brazilian headquarters has an ideal location to respond to the customers of this great country that is Brazil.

In São Paulo, the office of Moema neighborhood with 70 employees who carry out the activities of the commercial sector, marketing, prospecting of new markets, HR and all the administrative part.

Bostik Supply Chain team share the space with them, highlighting the synergy of the Arkema Group.


Number of employees: 73



Av. Ibirapuera, 2033 - 4º andar – CEP 04029-901

São Paulo, SP – Brazil


+55 (11) 2148 8522

Arkema Camaçari – Office and Warehouse


Since 1989, this subsidiary has become a distribution center for the Northeast region of Brazil, where products from all Arkema businesses are produced in Brazil (Coatex and Arkema Rio Claro) or other Arkema plants (Europe, USA, ASIA), are stored and resold.


Number of Employees: The team is composed of 3 Arkema employees and 5 subcontractors to carry out security and transportation.


Products made on this site: Luperox® organic peroxides and Coatex resins and additives are stored and resold in this unit.



Rua Beta S/N – CEP 42.810-300

Polo Petroquímico Camaçari – BA - Brazil


+55 (71) 3634 5083

Business Manager: Reinaldo Nunes

Arkema Rio Claro – Production Site


Our plant also produces a variety of crosslinking peroxides that are used primarily in the production of elastomers and benzoyl peroxide used in acne medication and polystyrene. Additionally, we have a gas odorant and refrigerant gas filling station on site.


Number of employees: 44


Products made on this site: Organic peroxides, odorants and refrigerants gas.


ISO Certifications and others:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • OHSAS 18001:2007
  • SA8000™:2008
  • MSM SCIS Level 8



Av. Pennwalt, 1001 - Distrito Industrial

Rio Claro - SP, 13505-650 - Brasil


+55 (19) 2112 5300

Plant Manager: Fabricio Pergher

Coatex & Coating Resins Brasil – Production Site


The Araçariguama plant started operations in October 2012 as Albercryl and in December 2012 as Coatex LATAM. The plant is located 54 km from the city of São Paulo and is located in an industrial area adjacent to the north side of the village of Araçariguama, next to the Castelo Branco highway.


Number of Employees: 48


Products made on this site: The Araçariguama plant produces a wide range of low VOC (volatile organic compound) resin technologies including waterborne, high solids and high performance additives for architectural coatings formulators, industrial finishes, building products, traffic inks, and adhesives.


The development & application laboratory is in charge of getting support to the LATAM market by promoting associative thickeners, dispersant agents as well as binders to coatings, adhesives, construction, textile, paper, graphic ink, mineral processing and home & personal care. The technical team is responsible for developing binders to meet Brazilian requirements.




Rodovia Gregório Spina, 2001 - Distrito Industrial - CEP 18147-000

Araçariguama, São Paulo - Brasil


+55 (11) 4136 4700

Plant Manager: Fabio Michalani

Bostik Brazil – Production Site


In 2015, Bostik, one of the worldwide leaders of adhesive technologies, joined the group and is developing its business in the region as well. The three segments of the Bostik Group are Civil Construction, Non-Woven and Industrial Adhesives, and are all well represented in the region. The C&C knows a big success thanks to the brand Usina Fortaleza bought some years ago by the group. Recognized nationally by the sector for the quality and tradition of its products, the Bostik-Fortaleza promises to launch many new technologies in the country, which will transform the market of Civil Construction.

Bostik has today two productions sites in Brazil, one in São Roque and another one in Araraquara.

Know more at:


Number of Employees: 227


Products made on this site: Bostik C&C Brazil has a line of more than 30 products, Overcoll, Zapt, Color Cream, Acrylic Rejunta, Rolled Tile Cement and Porcelain Tile Cement and since 2012, Ultracoll, Self-Leveling and Multipurpose Waterproofing.




Bostik Brazil – São Roque Plant

Rod. Livio Tagliassachi, s/n, Km 3,5, São Roque, SP, 18132-545 - Brasil


+55 (11) 4784-9797

Plant Manager: Renan Souza



Bostik Brazil – Araraquara Plant

Av. João Baptista Mendes Ferraz, nº 2365, Recreio Campestre Idanorma, Araraquara, SP, 14803-000 - Brasil


+55 (16) 3331-8413

Plant Manager: Taison Silva