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Time to challenge popular thinking and assumptions! The chemical sector does not hire men and chemists only. Time to discover testimonies from Julie, a marketing analyst, Régis, a sales manager, Tom, a financial analyst, Aude, a project manager, Pierre, a process engineer, and Lise, a research and development engineer. Time to discover the breadth of their career paths and jobs. With them, “Go beyond your discoveries”!

The breadth of our professions

“The goal of this campaign is to show that beyond the professions and job functions in R&D, process and production, the Group also offers great career opportunities in marketing, sales and finance, to both men and women, all around the world”, explains Dominique Massoni, Vice President Human Resources Development and Internal Communication.

Making way for women!

“The image of our professions is all too often tainted by a stereotype of male professions. However, Arkema is genuinely committed to hiring women for every job function, including in its manufacturing plants. This is the approach that prompted us to sign a partnership with FIFA for the Women’s World Cup France 2019™, which represents a great driver to support and enhance the status of women both in sport and at work.

One of the visuals fittingly features, on a football pitch, one of our female researchers, Lise, who works on materials used in sports shoes. A nod to our HR policy: women have their legitimate place in the chemical industry, just as much as in football, two worlds that are still all too often perceived as the realm of men!” concludes Dominique Massoni.

Initially launched in France and in Europe, this campaign will be gradually rolled out in Asia and in the United States involving employees in these regions.

A global group and France’s leading chemicals manufacturer, Arkema pursues ambitious recruitment objectives in France and around the world.

Every year, the Group recruits between 1,600 and 1,700 people, including 450 in France. The Group offers a wide range of 200 different professions in four main areas: industrial, R&D, commercial, and support functions.