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The Fisher Company, based in North Salt Lake, Utah, US, is a specialized coating applicator that supports the mining, fluids, and semiconductor industries. The company actively tests coatings and their adhesion to metal substrates as part of its innovation program.


In the test, Fisher technicians filled a container with an aggressively abrasive slurry (50:50 water and red garnet blast media), then coated impellers were spun in the mixture until the underlying metal was exposed. The failure time was precisely captured by a timer connected to an apparatus sending a current through the water. When the metal substrate became exposed, the electrical circuit closed, triggering a switch to stop the timer. Several types of thermoplastic and thermoset coatings (shown below) were evaluated using this method.

Conclusions from the test

After testing three samples for each type of coating, the average time until failure (minutes per mil of coating erosion) was calculated. In Fisher’s test, Rilsan® polyamide 11 coatings were shown to have better abrasion resistance than competitive coating solutions, lasting over 3 times longer than the next best material during the tests.

Rilsan® Fine Powder coatings offer a solution for the most demanding applications. Outstanding mechanical properties include impact resistance, flexibility, abrasion resistance, a characteristic grip, and warm-to-the-touch feel. The Rilsan® brand has become a preference for industries looking for a durable solution in metal protection applications, such as automotive, oil and gas, mining, and fluid transfer.

Rilsan® Fine Powders are derived from castor oil, a 100 percent plant-based, natural, non-toxic, renewable resource. With Rilsan® Fine Powders, Arkema offers an excellent way to combine eco-responsibility with high performance.


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