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In safety and operational excellence, leading by example is key. At the start of the year, those Group teams that stood out for their results in 2015 earned recognition by way of an Arkema Award.

Safety Award

The Changshu site in China, Arkema’s largest industrial platform, this year earned the Safety Award. This rewards a number of outstanding results, in particular TRIR = 0 in 2015, a steady fall since 2012, or three million man-hours with no injury.


Operational Excellence Award

The Beaumont plant in the United States, which specializes in the manufacture of sulfur derivatives, and the Sartomer BU, a global supplier of acrylate and methacrylate monomers and oligomers, both also demonstrated relentless operational excellence, and so were each presented with the Operational Excellence Award.


Meanwhile, the Beaumont plant brilliantly demonstrated how it improved its reliability with an 80% reduction in 2 years in the cost of unplanned events.

Through their commitment, Sartomer personnel at every level achieved a level of excellence in safety in the workplace with zero accident (TRIR* = 0), while also improving quality and plant operation

This trophy recognizes the hard work and 100% dedication from everyone in the plant with the support of key corporate personnel


The Arkema Awards reward the progress and the results achieved; they attest to the work of everyone involved, and are a source of satisfaction and pride for the personnel of the winning sites.



* TRIR (total recordable injury rate): total recordable accidents with and without lost time per million man-hours