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Bostik, Arkema’s Adhesive Solutions segment, launched a new online hub dedicated to construction professionals, in particular applicators, the Bostik Academy.
This free and user-friendly platform, which has attracted over 15,000 visitors in a month, provides a broad range of information on flooring and sealing applications, and all the content Bostik customers need to create smarter solutions for their construction projects.

Developped by a highly skilled Technical Team, the Bostik Academy is primarily aimed at applicators, who will find a comprehensive knowledge platform complete with technical support.

The Bostik Academy thus shares in-depth views of product applications, key industry recommendations, inside resources with FAQs, technical support contacts, detailed product portfolios, video tutorials, tailored training courses, with the opportunity to register for personalized technical seminars. Topics covered include construction and façade, decoration and paint, floor preparation, soft flooring, and more: discover the Bostik Academy

Four regional platforms have already been launched, in France, Germany and the Netherlands, along with a global interface, making over 400 video tutorials available in various languages. Over twenty specific local platforms will also be made available throughout the year and in 2022, ultimately covering all the geographic areas where Bostik is present.

The Bostik Academy constitutes an additional step in the Group’s initiatives to create customer intimacy and to provide more than just products, namely adhesive solutions and services.

We are incredibly proud of this new platform. With the Bostik Academy, we have created a tool where our customers can find instant answers to their technical questions onflooring and sealing solutions, and where they can benefit from Bostik’s unparalleled expertise to create smarter construction projects: achieving “Better results through knowledge"