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Coatex, a major player within the rheology additives market for beauty and personal care, comes up with new proposals for eco-conscious formulations.

Coatex welcomes you in New York City at the upcoming In-Cosmetics North America, October 23-24 with Integrity Ingredients booth # C68.

Clean beauty
Inspired by the growing trend of “clean beauty”, Coatex is proposing new concepts of minimalist formulations associating high level of naturality with the innovative texture and sensorial of Rheostyl™ E polymeric emulsifiers.

Fast and cold process
Formulating with Rheostyl™ E is a revolution. Rheostyl™ E simplifies emulsion design and manufacturing from the lab to the plant with a fast and cold process at low shear rate. Rheostyl™ E drastically reduces energy consumption and manufacturing time.

Fluid to bouncy textures

From fluid textures with Rheostyl™ E-Light to bouncy texture with Rheostyl™ E-Cream a full palette of sensorialities can be explored such as our latest demonstration formulas:

  • Water foundation with 98% of naturality
    A nude wear perfector with an ultra-fluid and evanescent texture designed to enhance skin complexion with a natural finish.

  • Minimalist liquid emulsion with 98% of naturality
    A fluid to oil transforming texture to experience the lightness of a fluid with the nourishment of an oil.

Get ready to visit us at our booth # C68 to talk to our experts and discover our latest formulations.