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Arkema introduces a new tie layer resin, Orevac® 18362, with excellent clarity and high adhesion to EVOH barrier films and polyamides used in clear multilayer packaging for fresh produce. LEYGATECH, a well-known producer of specialty films, has successfully tested Orevac®18362 and since then adopted it for the production of all its transparent food barrier films.

For aesthetic and marketing reasons, food companies require flexible lids and barrier bags with higher transparency to pack their cheese, meat or vegetables. In order to meet this requirement Arkema has designed Orevac® 18362, a tie resin for multilayer polyethylene-based barrier films offering excellent transparency and adhesion.

This versatile grade expands Arkema’s range of tie resins, which now cover a large part of film packaging applications. Its formulation (maleic anhydride grafted LLDPE) has been fine-tuned to increase its transparency compared to current commmercial grades such as Orevac® 18360 tie layer. This new grade complies with both FDA and EU food regulations.

Orevac® 18362 can be processed on standard PE extrusion lines and equipment. It is suitable for blown film, cast coextrusion, tube extrusion and blow molded multilayer structures.

LEYGATECH, a French producer of specialty films with a solid know-how in processing barrier and innovative solution films, has successfully tested and evaluated Orevac® 18362. Since then LEYGATECH has adopted it for its ease of processability by blown extrusion and its performance in EVOH in multilayer barrier films. LEYGATECH specialty films are largely used by food companies to protect fresh produce.

Typical properties of new Orevac® 18362 and Orevac®18360




New Orevac® 18362


Orevac® 18360




Test Method


Melt Index (*)






g/10 min


ISO 1133 / ASTM D1238










Internal method, 50µm film

(*)T° 190°C and 2.16 kg

Orevac® 18362 completes Arkema’s tie layer portfolio:

  • Orevac® 18341 concentrated polyethylene-based tie layer;

  • Orevac ® 18910N tie layer for styrenics/polyethylene barrier films;

  • Orevac® 18729 grafted polypropylene general purpose tie layer;

  • Orevac® 18722 grafted polypropylene high performance tie layer.

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