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As a global player in specialty chemicals and advanced materials, Arkema strives to generate sustainable growth by providing its customers with innovative and environmentally sound solutions. In an ever changing world, Arkema constantly innovates and offers solutions addressing these major changes in a wide variety of markets.

Visit our stand at the K2019 trade show in Düsseldorf (Germany) from 16 to 23 October to check out our product ranges and our latest innovations serving five markets:


Vehicles are subject to ever more exacting environmental constraints, e.g. restrictions on CO2 emissions and the use of recyclable materials. Arkema’s products offer environmentally sound solutions for materials lightweighting.


Arkema’s materials and solutions are present in countless applications: eye glasses, smartphones, packaging and paper. Arkema’s products play a role in improving everyday life while meeting consumers’ high expectations in particular in terms of environmental impact.


Push back your limits! The motto of the greatest sportsmen and -women in competition. In this quest for excellence in performance, Arkema offers ranges of materials that combine comfort, suppleness, toughness and durability to shape the technical developments of their equipment.


In this era of smart manufacturing, the boom in 3D printing (or additive manufacturing) has opened up for industry unprecedented prospects, a technological breakthrough in which Arkema is playing a leading role by offering its customers a unique range of dedicated materials (3D Printing Solutions by Arkema), as well as the relevant expertise in the main manufacturing technologies.


It is estimated that the lifetime of a residential building is 100 years and that its renewal rate averages 1.5 in Europe (source: Swiss Life), hence entailing issues of quality and durability that are absolutely key. The Arkema Group is present in the construction and public works markets, for which it offers innovative and competitive solutions that improve the quality of construction materials and the environmental performance of buildings.

K2019: Our experts look forward to meeting you on our booth 6C57, Hall 6, where you will be able to experience our products “live”!

Arkema invites you to experiment, through interactive animations, its innovative solutions for many applications.
These experiments will give you an insight into our products’ benefits in terms of:

  • Durability
  • Design
  • Processing optimization
  • Reinforcement
  • Sustainability

in the five key markets being showcased.