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The combined annual general meeting of Arkema’s shareholders was held on 21 May 2019 at Théâtre des Sablons in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France, under the chairmanship of Thierry Le Hénaff, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer.

The shareholders approved all the resolutions recommended by the Board of Directors, including inter alia:


  • the approval of the 2018 financial statements and distribution of a  dividend of €2.50 per share which will be paid from 29 May 2019;


  • the re-election as directors for a four-year term of Victoire de Margerie, Hélène Moreau-Leroy and Laurent Mignon;


  • the appointment as director for a four-year term of Ian Hudson; 


  • the compensation policy of the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, as well as the components of compensation due or awarded to him for the year ended 31 December 2018; and


  • the authorization granted to the Board of directors, for a period of 38 months, to grant performance shares.

Following this annual general meeting, the Board of Directors continues to comprise 13 members. Hélène Moreau-Leroy becomes senior independent director and Ian Hudson joins the Audit and Accounts Committee.


This annual general meeting was an opportunity to review the achievements and announcements made in 2018, as well as last year’s excellent financial performance and solid start to 2019. It was also an opportunity to review the Group’s long-term strategy and ambition and highlight the strong actions taken by Arkema in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility and innovation. Thierry Le Hénaff also commented the planned acquisition of ArrMaz, a major US-based player in specialty surfactants, a deal which confirms the Group’s commitment to strengthen its specialty businesses.


The full results of the vote will be available in the coming days on the Company’s website