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Clearstrength® XT 100

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Product overview

Clearstrength® XT 100 is a MMA-butadiene-styrene (MBS) core-shell impact modifier designed to meet the most demanding technical requirements of thermoset applications such as structural adhesives and high performance composites.



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High performance toughening agent for thermosetting resins

Clearstrength® XT 100 is a Methylmethacrylate-butadiene-styrene (MBS) core-shell additive powder designed as an easy-to-use, performance-enhancing toughener for structural adhesives and high performance composites.

  • Clearstrength® XT 100 delivers exceptional toughening and mechanical property performance in thermoset systems.
  • The high dispersion efficiency of Clearstrength® XT 100 means you can maximize toughener loading levels in the resin matrix and retain short dispersion times.
  • Clearstrength® XT 100 does not significantly raise viscosity of the resin matrix compared to competing toughening technologies.

Product description

Clearstrength® XT 100 is a Methylmethacrylate-butadiene-styrene (MBS) core-shell toughening agent designed to meet the most demanding technical requirements of thermoset applications including structural adhesives and high performance composites.

Typical physical properties

Thanks to its unique and patented technology, Clearstrength® XT100 powder is easily dispersible in most liquid resin systems and exhibits a limited impact on the viscosity of the host resin system while providing an outstanding toughening effect in a wide range of service temperatures. The images depict the poor dispersion levels of standard MBS vs. the high dispersion levels of Clearstrength® XT100.

Poor dispersion level of standard MBS into a high Tg epoxy cured system



High dispersion level of Clearstrength® XT 100 into a high Tg epoxy cured system


Product benefits

Easy dispersion

With this patented technology, Clearstrength® XT 100 powder can be easily dispersed into most liquid thermosetting resins at very low shear rates. The images to the right depict the strong agglomeration of standard MBS vs. the easy dispersion of Clearstrength® XT 100 into MMA monomer.

15 wt% of standard MBS into MMA monomer, displays strong agglomeration


15 wt% of Clearstrength® XT100 into MMA monomer displays easy dispersion



Clearstrength® XT 100 can disperse spontaneously without shear or can disperse easily even at low shear rate into the liquid matrix.

This video depicts Clearstrength® XT 100 spontaneous dispersion under static conditions into MMA monomer.

This video depicts Clearstrength® XT100 easy dispersion under dynamic conditions into MMA monomer.

Limited impact on host resin viscosity

The introduction of any rubber-based toughener into a liquid resin system is well-known to significantly increase the viscosity of the host system. The viscosity increase can be a significant problem for some applications, such as composite materials made from the infusion process. This effect is dramatically reduced when using Clearstrength® XT100.

Superior mechanical performance

These graphs demonstrate the excellent balance of properties of Clearstrength® XT100 in a methacrylate structural adhesive formulation (Figure on the right), as well as in a high Tg epoxy system (table below). Because Clearstrength® XT 100 is a non-reactive toughener, the final glass transition temperature of the host thermoset matrix is not affected.


Suggestions for use

  • Clearstrength® XT 100 is particularly recommended to increase the toughness of thermoset systems such as structural adhesives using methacrylate or epoxy host resin systems and composites. Recommended loading levels depend on final application and associated technical performance requirements.
  • Customers should evaluate Clearstrength® XT 100 toughening agent in their own laboratories to establish optimum conditions for use in their process and applications. Arkema’s Technical ServiceTeam is available to discuss your application requirements, provide formulation guidance and laboratory testing upon request.
  • Clearstrength® XT 100 can be advantageously used to replace standard core/shell modifier powders and can also be used in liquid masterbatches of pre-dispersed core/shell particles.


  • Clearstrength® XT 100 impact modifier is available in 14 kg bags (350 kg per pallet).

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