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Developing Engineers are immediately immersed in the chemical manufacturing setting as process engineers. The interest and ability to manage significant responsibility is a must for Developing Engineers.

A plethora of situations will arise daily, and a Developing Engineer will attentively troubleshoot to resolve them quickly and effectively. Being able to adjust to ever changing circumstances, being a problem solver and critical thinker is essential to success as a Developing Engineer. Working for an innovative and continuous improvement driven company will offer many opportunities to join teams and initiatives at the site, business unit, regional and maybe even global scale!

Becoming a process engineer requires the ability to collaborate well in teams consisting of people of diverse backgrounds. Developing Engineers will work on cross-functional teams consisting of engineers, operators, health and safety representatives, mechanics, environmental leaders, electricians, operations, research, corporate support groups, management teams and many other business representatives. Valuing coworkers of all kinds is vital to success as a Developing Engineer as is embracing Arkema’s values and principles of empowerment, inclusion, simplicity, solidarity and Performance.

Developing Engineers will work with their manager to develop priorities, execute projects with supervision and gradually be introduced to increasing levels of responsibility, eventually making key decisions on production units, writing reports on unit operations, completing data analysis to solve complex problems, developing logistics to resolve issues, communicating all findings, support and promote the reporting of all health, safety, environmental issues and incidents, including near-miss, supports the site HES policy and complies with all regulatory and internal requirements - these are just some responsibilities of Developing Engineers.

Besides the attributes mentioned above, there are many other qualities that Arkema seeks in a Developing Engineer:

  • Team Player
  • Self-Motivated
  • Focused & results-oriented
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Ability to experiment & learn on the job
  • Display a good attitude for continued learning & can make direct application

Responsibilities expected from a DE include:

  • Analyzing process data and troubleshooting process units
  • Evaluating unit performance and compiling production reports
  • Developing conceptual flow sheets for chemical processes
  • Preparing heat, material and energy balances
  • Developing logistics to implement solutions, install equipment, and complete projects
  • Performing calculations to size new equipment
  • Participating in Process Hazard Reviews and other process safety activities
  • Contributing to turnaround, start-up and commissioning activities
  • Evaluating mechanical integrity of equipment
  • Leading and executing small capital projects
  • Communicates technical information and issues to supervisor; may assist with new product development activities
  • Works with senior engineers, research scientists, and plant personnel to optimize operations and meet business and plant goals for HES, production, costs and quality
  • Learns and applies safety and environmental regulations
  • Becomes familiar with the process safety management standard and assists in resolving issues identified in internal and external audits.
  • Participates in Process Hazard Analyses, Management of Change, Pre-Startup Safety Reviews, and Incident Investigations and contributes to closure of associated action items
  • Serves as a resource for HES studies and initiatives and provides process data needed for compliance to environmental department
  • Mentors engineering co-ops as appropriate and participates in their recruiting process.
  • Supports the recruiting process for entry-level engineers and performs role of a Peer Advisor to new DE’s