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2-Octanol is a branched C8 fatty alcohol. It is directly produced from vegetal chemistry. Indeed, this biobased alcohol is manufactured through a cracking process from ricinoleic acid, major component of castor oil. 

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Chemical name : Octan-2-ol, 2-Octanol, Capryl-alcohol, sec-Capryl-alcohol

2-Octanol in Lubricants and Fuels


Oleris® 2-Octanol is used as a green solvent for various resins intended for paints and coatings or adhesives sectors. 

It can also be employed as a defoamer in different processes and as an additive for lubricants.

Furthermore, the sec-Capryl alcohol can be used as a solvent in rare minerals extraction.




As an intermediate, the sec-Capryl alcohol can be used in synthesis of a wide range of plasticizers esters and surfactants. It can produce for example:

  • Alcohol alkoxylates and sulfates for detergency and personal care markets

  • Adipates, Sebacates, Palmitates, Stearates for applications in cosmetic, paints and coatings, plastic, paper, textile, etc…

  • Phtalates 

  • Acrylates and Maleates for coatings and adhesives markets

  • Salicylate, Myristate, Méthoxycinnamate for application in fragrances



Arkema is the world's largest producer of 2-Octanol.


Casda Biomaterials Plant

Choose Oleris® 2-Octanol from Arkema to ensure:

  • The 2-Octyl alcohol quality 

  • The supply-chain security

  • Arkema expertise on castor oil chemistry to support your company through every step of its projects

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