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Through its worldwide presence, our group offers highly customer-oriented services including:

  • Reliable and customized logistics
  • Safe storage and handling practices
  • Technical support for process optimization.


Through our advanced Organic Peroxide R&D centers and safety experts in Changshu (China), in King of Prussia (PA - USA) and in Lyon (France), Arkema assures local safety services and the development of new applications for growing and innovative products by offering a comprehensive range of organic peroxide market solutions:


Plastic manufacturers use a wide range of organic peroxides as polymerization initiators for synthesizing key thermoplastic polymers such as Polyvinyl chloride, Polystyrene, LDPE(Low Density Polyethylene), EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate Copolymer), Polymethyl methacrylate etc. The oxygen bond in organic peroxides is easily reacted by thermal energy releasing free radicals that can serve as an initiator for the free radical polymerization reaction. In polypropylene (PP) modification the free radicals released by decomposing organic peroxides lead to degradation of PP called vis-breaking.  The result is modification to the melt flow index of PP.

Coatings, dispersions and specialty polymers

Is your company specializing in coatings or polyurethane foams? Arkema, provides more than one hundred researchers working with our customers to offer you a comprehensive range of organic peroxides used as polymerization initiators for solvent-borne and water-borne acrylic coatings, polyvinyl acetate coatings & adhesives, and polyols. Organic peroxides also provide application specific initiation in high temperature and chemical resistant specialty fluoropolymers and styrene butadiene rubber formulations.

Composites / Thermosets

Unsaturated polyester resin composites are found in marine, RV, kitchen and bath, pipe repair, structural adhesives or engineered stone countertops, just to list few applications. Arkema provides organic peroxides which are used to initiate the curing process mainly for UPR and acrylic resins. Our products are essential ingredients to make composites for a range of manufacturing processes such as SMC, BMC, pultrusion, resin transfer molding, spray up, artificial solid surface, etc. Let us know your requirements, we have the organic peroxides you need.


High-performance demanding industries such as automotive, power cables, and oil and gas use organic peroxide cross-linked polymers due to their superior mechanical properties, improved high temperature resistance and heat aging characteristics. They also participate in manufacturing of high performance/ cost effective foams for sports & leisure industry. At Arkema, we help industries like yours with organic peroxides widely used as crosslinking agents for a wide range of polymers and elastomers such as EPDM, silicone rubber, natural rubber, EVA, POE, etc.

Renewable energy​

The versatility of organic peroxide with plastics provide innovative solutions in the development of renewable energy, especially solar energy and wind energy. Organic peroxides provide fast curing of EVA/POE used to encapsulate PV cells. The fast cure decreases production cycles and lowers the cost of PV panel production. Similarly, our organic peroxides are used for the curing of UPR resin used in the manufacturing of strong and durable windmill blades.

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