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Prepare your interviews

The HR interview

The purpose of this interview is to review your career path, your personality, and what motivates you. Be yourself and do not try to mold your attitudes; there are no right or wrong answers.


Explain to us how you managed your past assignments and experiences, and think of providing examples to illustrate your points.


When you talk about a past experience:

  • Describe the context, your assignment, and the working environment

  • Talk about the solutions you implemented to address the problem that was put in your care. Be precise and provide details!

  • Finish with the results that you obtained and any feedback you received from your managers


Highlight your strengths, but also point out your areas for improvement, this is important! Do not try to hide your personal failures, but describe delicate situations in a simple fashion.

What regard to what motivates you:

  • Set out the assignments that interest you with respect to the opportunities they represent.

  • Establish the link between your career path and the position to be filled.

  • Show that you have taken the time to familiarize yourself with the company.

Bear in mind that out of two candidates with equal skills, the candidate who can better convey their motivation will have the greater chance of going all the way to the end of the recruitment process. So do not hesitate to ask questions about the job, the company culture, training, or career management. Show that you want to go beyond a simple "selection" interview! 

The operational interview

These interviews have more technical purpose. Highlight the skills you possess in relation to the job. Do not overstate them, be honest about areas where you can improve! Some questions may seem difficult to you from a technical point of view. Bear in mind that what matters is not so much knowing the right answer as your underlying reasoning. Make sure you are able to clearly explain your reasoning.


Use the discussion to gain a better understanding of the job and working environment, to find out about the team, the department, the BU, and the site where you will be working. Ask your interviewers for details about assignments, the more challenging aspects of the job, and the short- and long-term issues. Find out how your predecessors in the job pursued their professional development in the Group. That way, you will have all the information you need to make your decision when you receive a salary offer!