Sustainable housing

World population continues to grow and is expected to reach 9 billion people by 2040. Faced with demographic and ecological pressures, building "sustainably" is a priority. Arkema is rallying its innovation capabilities to contribute to respond to the UN's sustainable development goal (SDG 11) "make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable".

Arkema innovates for sustainable housing

Housing is said to be sustainable when its construction, location and use are environmentally responsible. Moreover, sustainable housing must include the notions of comfort tied to wellbeing at home.


The Group places sustainable development solutions at the heart of its innovation policy and its product offering for tomorrow's homes.

Arkema is putting a great deal of effort into solar photovoltaics, a renewable, sustainable and clean energy.

The polymers and solutions developed by Arkema improve the performance of photovoltaic panels over the very long term, with a lifetime in excess of twenty-five years:

Field of photovoltaic panels

Paints are undergoing their green revolution

Arkema offers "eco-sustainable" paints for use by professional decorators and private individuals alike. These paints contain no organic solvent and no (or hardly any) resins of petrochemical origin. These are replaced by components of vegetable or mineral origin. Non toxic, ecological paints have no impact on human health and are totally environmentally sound.

Taking action against high-energy housing

Inside our homes, comfort depends in particular on our ability to maintain the required temperature, whatever the season. Arkema develops high performance coatings that minimize heat loss and boost thermal insulation.

Roof coated of PVDF Kynar® Aquatec

The Group has developed the Kynar Aquatec® PVDF resin, a waterborne formulation used in the manufacture of white paint for reflective roofs. In high sunlight regions, these roofs help significantly reduce air-conditioning needs.


These paints afford a lifetime far outperforming that of conventional paints.

Arkema’s high performance materials are also used in the manufacture of double-glazing windows, and so ensure superior energy efficiency.


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