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Solutions for combating climate change and saving energy

Optimizing vehicle weight and limiting cooling requirements in buildings to reduce CO2 emissions : Arkema focuses its innovation efforts on products that contribute to "Combat climate change and its impacts", one of the 17 UN's sustainable development goals (ODD 13).

Reducing vehicle weight

The Arkema group is tackling global warming and climate change by developing strong, lightweight materials. When used in vehicle construction, for example, such materials reduce overall weight and therefore the fuel consumption of the vehicles. That translates to lower CO2 emissions in the transport sector.


The Group’s main innovations in this area are:

  • Acrylic and polyamide composite thermoplastics,
  • PEKK (Polyether ketone ketone) Kepstan® the polymer of extreme conditions.

Arkema’s commitment throughout COP21

As a responsible chemicals manufacturer, Arkema was involved throughout the COP21 conference in several actions against global warming:

  • The Group signed the French Business Climate Pledge and reaffirmed its commitment to a low-carbon economy,
  • As a partner and official supplier of the Arche de Noé Climat operation, Arkema supplied 15 tonnes of Altuglas® acrylic sheet (an infinitely recyclable material) for the manufacture of the animals of the ark, staged in Le Bourget,
  • Nicolas de Warren (Corporate Relations Vice President) and Heike Faulhammer (Sustainable Development Vice President) took part in roundtable discussions on climate change organized as part of COP21.

Refrigerant fluids with a low environmental impact

Arkema designs products concerned about preserving ozone layer and fighting greenhouse effect in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations.

Worldwide co-leader of fluorinated gases, Arkema proposes a complete range of refrigerant fluids which answer these criteria. The third generation range (HFC Forane®) has a zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) but still an incidence on greenhouse effect.

That's why the Group’s Research and Development Department develops a fourth generation of cooling fluids presenting a better energy efficiency and a negligible impact on global warming.

Arkema, laureate of the 2013 Pierre Potier prize

The Arkema group won the 2013 Pierre Potier Award, an annual prize rewarding chemistry innovations serving sustainable development, with Rilsan® HT, its high performance polyamide produced from non-food plant-based raw materials.


With its unique combination of flexibility and stability at very high temperatures, this material can aptly replace metal and rubber in the automotive industry in under-hood fluid piping. Six times lighter than steel and three times lighter than aluminum, it therefore contributes to reducing the weight of vehicles and so their fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.


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