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A comprehensive range of innovative solutions for the oil and gas industry

Arkema partners its customers in the oil and gas industry at every key moment. The Group indeed offers an extensive range of tried-and-tested or innovative solutions for the various stages of the oil and gas chain both upstream and downstream.

Because the oil and gas industry has to comply with increasingly more stringent technical and environmental standards, Arkema develops new innovative products and materials. The Group assists its customers in finding optimum answers to the challenges of today’s world and to the demands of this cutting-edge sector. A range of ad hoc services is also available to assist manufacturers in the best way possible at every stage of their processes.

Adsorbents and additives for oil and gas production and refining

Innovative products to fight against corrosion and scale deposits

Arkema markets a range of corrosion and scale inhibitors to offer its oil and gas customers original and custom-made solutions throughout the world.


  • Prochinor® demulsifiers offer optimum treatment for emulsions whatever the characteristics of the crude oil or the operating conditions: crude and low temperature paraffinic, naphthenic and asphaltenic, short processes and limited storage life.
  • Inipol® scale inhibitors feature effective properties that fight against the formation of mineral or organic scale deposits during storage.
  • Norust® products ensure effective protection of oil and gas production facilities against internal corrosion.
  • Bactiram® biocides help curb the development of bacteria, corrosion, and the fouling of pipes in oil and gas facilities.

Focus on... Siliporite® products

billes de tamis moléculaires

A result of decades of R&D, collaboration with major partners in the sector, the Siliporite® molecular sieve range fully meets the needs of our customers.

Highly efficient in the separation of xylene and paraffin isomers, these products are also essential for drying and purification of petroleum and gas cuts.



Extreme polymers and resins for oil and gas production, storage, and distribution

Arkema’s polymers and resins are used in the protection of oil and gas pipelines
  • Kynar® PVDF fluorinated polymers are used in the manufacture of flexible pipelines for crude oil extraction and transportation. They feature outstanding chemical resistance and can withstand high temperatures (up to 130°C), over long periods of time, as well as other extreme conditions that are typical of offshore oil and gas extraction
  • Rilsan® PA11 has been approved by major oil companies all over the world for use in offshore and onshore oil and gas extraction. This material’s extreme chemical and high temperature resistance, coupled with flexibility and creep resistance allow it to deliver consistent performance for up to 30 years. In addition, Rilsan® PA11 is used to manufacture pipes and fittings for natural gas transportation and distribution.
  • Rilsan® fine powders are thermoplastic polyamide powders used for coating pipes, pumps, and valves used to transport oil and gas. Their high resistance to hydrocarbons and other petrochemicals helps limit the formation of cavities in the pipes which ensures low permeation.
  • Pebax® polyether block amides feature very good chemical stability, mechanical strength and flexural strength ideal for use in the manufacture of flexible umbilicals.
  • Orgalloy® polyamide alloys feature excellent barrier and anticorrosion properties in the presence of gasoline and diesel. They are used to manufacture flexible pipelines, along with pipes used for the transportation and distribution of natural gas and gasoline.

Integrated solutions for steamcrackers and refineries, and odorizer for natural gas

Arkema offers innovative solutions for steamcrackers and refineries
  • DMDS (dimethyl disulfide) is an in situ activator of hydrocracking and hydrodesulfiding catalysts for petroleum fractions in refineries and petrochemical plants. This product helps protect plant and equipment from the formation of coke and carbon monoxide (CO), thereby ensuring more effective protection of the facilities. DMDS Evolution® E2 is a DMDS Evolution® formulation with an improved scent.
    The Carelflex service involves the application DMDS, and covers a package of highly technical services in petroleum fraction desulfiding plants around the world.
  • The Arkema Group also offers a range of innovative products for the odorization of natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG):

  • Spotleak® and Vigileak® are odorizer blends for gases with mercaptan and sulphide content.
  • THT (tetrahydrothiophene) is an odorizer for natural gas, and complies with standard ISO 13734.

Focus on... Carelflex®

Carelflex® services, renowned internationally in the refining and petrochemical industry, cover a range of highly technical services for the application of DMDS (dimethyl disulfide) in petroleum fraction desulfiding plants around the world. Carelflex® technical teams are ISO 9001 certified and provide services of the highest standards.

Arkema offers packages of technical services and products for the protection of plant and equipment, and the optimization of production and processing of oil and gas.


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