Special Care by Altuglas®

Product range

Altuglas® is a superb, high quality, transparent and durable product.


As with any high quality material, it needs to be maintained using appropriate products, as demanding as the performance can be. Take care of your installations with our cleaning and polishing products designed specifically for maintenance and to preserve its appearance.Gluing Altuglas® sheet and blocks yields excellent results and highly aesthetic effects.


The mechanical properties will depend on the glue that is used.


A care kit that will help you to conserve your Altuglas® sheet and blocks longer. It is your insurance that they will always remain just as beautiful, for many years to come...

Geographic availability

Africa and Middle-East


  • Automotive and transportation
    • Boat industry
  • Building and construction
    • Urban visual communication
  • Consumer goods
    • Household equipment


  • Gift and tableware
  • Museum casings

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