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“Be Certin®, Be precise!”


The Certin® Precise advanced technology applies cold-end coating protection. Used in combination with Certin® Clear, it strongly improves scratch resistance. This innovation proposes Certin® Topcoat 201 with adapted applicator as the new spray cold-end coating system which allow the best homogenous density of coating layer on the bottles.

Products in this range

Tegoglas® 702 cold end container glass coating

Tegoglas® 702 cold-end container glass coating is specially formulated to provide high smoothness and dry filling scratch resistance. Tegoglas® 702 coating is commonly used for pharmeceutical bottles and functions well in coating line conditions of 80-130°C, but can also perform at <80°C. Through product testing, Arkema has found the Tegoglas® 702 works best with synthetic or casein labeling glues. Tegoglas® 702 coating is not useful for sterilization/washing and has limited performance in wet filling lines.

Tegoglas® OL80 cold-end container glass coating

Tegoglas® OL80 cold-end container glass coating is formulated for glass and tableware used with wine, oil, dairy, or liquid foods at glass coating temperatures higher than 130°C. When the the taste of a wine, oil, dairy, or food product is of highest importance, Tegoglas® OL80 coating is Arkema's best product. The non-toxic formulation of Tegoglas® OL80 coating is designed to resist the formation of nozzle blockages in vaporizing equipment. Tegoglas® OL80 coating is also the most flexible cold-end coating for labeling by Arkema, working well with synthetic, casein, starch, or self-adhesive glues.

Tegoglas® RP40 cold-end container glass coating

Tegoglas® RP40 cold-end container glass coating is designed for operating temperatures between 100°C to 150°C. Glass containers subject to hot-filling and those that are pasteurized or sterilized need high-temperature coating performance. Tegoglas® RP40 cold-end container glass coating does not degrade in these demanding conditions. Further, Tegoglas® RP40 container glass coating provides durability during transportation and handling with its excellent scratch resistance. Filling line productivity can be increased by eliminating over-coating, and with a tailor-made slip angle Tegoglas® RP40 container glass coating is ideal for thin-walled hot-filled glass containers.

Tegoglas® RP40LT cold-end container glass coating

Tegoglas® RP40LT is suitable for coating containers that are 80°C to 150°C in temperature. RP40 coating is useful for glass container applications on either dry or wet filling lines and is generally the most versatile of Arkema's cold end coating products. Tegoglas® RP40LT improves lubricity in thin-walled, lightweight glass containers and is specifically formulated to adhere to Certincoat® hot-end container glass coatings. During transportation and handling, the lubricity added by using this coating will minimize scratches and wear marks. During washing or sterilization, containers coated with Tegoglas® RP40LT will maintain lubricity and scratch resistance.

Thanks to the expertise in CEC with the well known Tegoglas® product range, Arkema presents its new range with product, equipment and services for the best coating technologies. This solution proposes the following features:

  • zone coating precision,
  • optimum compromise between labelling properties and scratch resistance,
  • no inside coating.


Advantages of Certin® Precise in combination with Certin® Clear:

  • Superior scratch resistance, 
  • Label adhesion is no longer an issue,
  • Easier label removal in the washer,
  • No spray inside container.

Geographic availability



  • Consumer goods
    • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Food industry and agrochemicals
    • Beer manufacturers
    • Beverage industry
    • Food and beverage
  • General industry
    • Recycled product manufacturers
  • Packaging and Paper
    • Glass coatings
    • Rigid packaging
  • Paint, coatings and adhesives
    • Glass coatings


  • Finish for beer bottles
  • Finish for recycled products
  • Glass bottles / Glassware
  • Recycled glass products

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