Rheocarb™ 121

A new technology that ensures a better state of dispersion of the pigments at higher solids

Rheocarb™ 121 maintains particles (pigments and latex) dispersion with full gloss potential and strong thickening power.

It provides a good water retention and is a strong OBA carrier.

It allows the reduction of drying and calendering costs and  of coating colors costs (use of cost efficient pigments, binders and other additives).

Use in top coats made of slightly coarser pigments and lower solids content and film press coating in place of starch and in order to reduce elasticity and the risks of misting.

Geographic availability



  • Packaging and Paper
    • Paper and board


  • Board blade
  • Film press
  • Inkjet inks
  • Paper and board coating
  • Paper blade

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