Acrylic letters - Signs letters: Altuglas® Blocks


Altuglas® Blocks propose an ease of use for your brand with thicknesses from 30 to 90 mm.

Only one material to machine and simplified fabrication steps for a reduced maintenance (no glue). Altuglas® Blocks diffuse the light intensively and offer high shock and excellent weather resistance.
Superb transformative properties.

Sign makers ? Save energy costs with our LED System technology

Energy savings

Our acrylic blocks offer exceptional light transmission enhanced by LED lighting. Aware of current environmental conditions, Altuglas International has developed a process called LED System, which allows a significant reduction in energy costs. Our LED System blocks allow lighting of the same quality as a conventional system while using fewer LEDs or less powerful LEDs.

LED System technology is available for Altuglas® Block LED System Opal, and LED System Red / Pink / Blue / Green / Yellow / Orange grades, guaranteed from a thickness of 20mm.


Differentiate your offer on the market by introducing new technology in your signs!



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  • Building and construction
  • Consumer goods

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