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Functional polyolefins

Arkema has long-standing experience in the development of functionalized polyolefins. These thermoplastic materials enhanced with a range of functionalities (acrylics, epoxy, maleic anhydride) are suited to a large number of applications. Arkema markets a whole range of functional polyolefins, while also offering its customers the possibility of designing new resins that will meet their most stringent requirements.

Arkema offers a broad range of functional and reactive polyolefins under the following brand names:

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- Lotader®: reactive copolymers (up to 8% reactive);

- Lotryl®: ethylene-acrylate copolymers;

- Evatane®: EVA copolymers (18-42% VA);

- Orevac® T: reactive EVA copolymers;

- Orevac® G: grafted polyolefins (PE, PP, EVA);

- EvasinTM EVOH copolymers (a trademark of Chang Chun Petrochemicals, based in Taipei, Taiwan.)

- Reseal M-Resins reclosable resins (marketed by Bostik, a subsidiary of Arkema)


  • Flexible and rigid packaging: film, sheet, foil, tray, capsule.
  • Oxygen barrier packaging for long shelf-life of food products.
  • Impact modifier for engineering plastics for automotive, electronics, construction.
  • Adhesives for multilayer fuel tanks.
  • Soundproofing foam for automotive.
  • Modifier for road bitumen and roofing membranes.
  • Recycling of plastic materials.
  • Components for so-called “hotmelt” thermoplastic adhesives.
  • Foam for shoe soles.
  • Cable sheathing.
  • Masterbatch support.


Properties of our functional polyolefins

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  • Flexibility – Improve impact resistance of fragile technical polymers (thermoplastic polyamides, polyesters, …) or enhance the flexibility of rigid plastics (PPS, PBT, PA).
  • Reactivity – Help bond materials together during the processing of plastics by extrusion, co-extrusion, extrusion coating or extrusion laminating.
  • Processability – Can be used with most thermoplastics processing technologies.
  • Compatibility – The polarity and reactivity of functional polyolefins make them compatible with many other plastics, making it possible to create plastic alloys.
  • Convenience – For reclosable and easy-peel lids.

  • Barrier to oxygen.

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