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Every two years, the Wire trade fair reviews current and future state-of-the-art technologies for electric cables and wires. At WIRE 2014, Arkema will showcase its comprehensive range of Functional polyolefins resins - including two new grades - its Luperox® organic peroxides and its Kynar® Flex PVDF resins specifically designed for electric and electronic wires & cables applications.

HFFR Functional polyolefins resins

Arkema will present its latest innovative functional polyolefins among its extensive range (Orevac®, Lotryl®, Lotader® and Evatane® trade names) used to manufacture all types of cables whatever their end-application: halogen-free flame retardant (HFFR) cables compliant with the latest fire standards in buildings, cars and telephone networks, medium and high voltage cables, telephone and photovoltaic cables. These resins also offer excellent processing characteristics and mechanical properties.


ŸNew OREVAC® 18341, the latest maleated high performance coupling agent for HFFR compounds

Orevac® 18341 is the efficient and versatile complement of Arkema HFFR coupling agents product range :

  • Orevac ® 18507 when high mechanical, chemical and abrasion properties are requested
  • Orevac ® OE808 for high-end HFFR applications
  • Orevac ®  CA100 For PP based compounds
  • Lotader® 3210 unique synergist terpolymer coupling agent


ŸNew Lotryl®T range produced with tubular process to extend EBA, EMA customer application range

With unmatched combination of thermo-mechanical properties and flexibility, superior filler acceptance , high polyolefin compatibility new Lotryl®T are products of choice for requiring applications in semiconductor but also in jacketing.


Luperox® organic peroxides for crosslinking functional polyolefins

Luperox® organic peroxides, which includes specific Luperox® grades for crosslinking functional polyolefins and all the other polymers (LDPE, EPDM) are used in the manufacture of medium, high and extra high voltage cables and in materials for circuit assemblies. These grades are renowned for their high purity and their diverse formulations fulfilling a full range of technical requirements.


Kynar® Flex PVDF resins for performance wires

Kynar® Flex PVDF resins have outstanding fire resistance and low smoke generation properties combined with high operating temperatures, excellent flexibility, mechanical performance and abrasion resistance. These grades can be easily processed and be combined with a dedicated process for reducing weight by the use of a Kynar®  foaming masterbatch. There are grades available to meet ASTM E84, E662, E162, FM 4910, NFPA 262, 255, UL94, 1666, 1887, 2024, 2360 and Military 81044 specifications


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