Mining and metallurgy

Arkema has time-proven expertise in the minerals and metals processing industries offering a large portfolio of innovative solutions to meet our customers’ unique needs. We help to accelerate your performance at every stage of the mining and metallurgical operations chain. Our solutions are designed to improve results while reducing energy and water consumption in order to extract greater value from finite resources and increasingly complex operations.



Mining and mineral processing

We help generate greater value from your operations at every stage of mineral processing including mineral suspension and slurry handling, flotation and other enrichment technologies, mineral concentrate improvement, and tailings management, and water recovery. Our chemical solutions and mineral processing expertise facilitate lower energy consumption and reduced water use in mining operations. 

Mining and mineral processing

New mine projects

We provide consultations for engineering and process design for new mine projets. We help to integrate reagent formulation with flowsheet design and equipment selection, as well as metallurgical laboratory work to design better solutions adapted to new deposits.  

Key benefits in mining and mineral processing operations

Improved recovery


  • Develop tailor-made solutions for each unique deposit; 


  • Generate more concentrate tons from existing deposits;


  • Enable lower cost per ton through higher recovery and efficiency. 


Better grade - higher value

  • Efficiently float valuable ore while rejecting gangue minerals; 


  • Improve mineral grade resulting in higher pricing in the marketplace; 


  • Provide process consultation and custom flowsheet design. 

Better cost performance

  • Facilitate more tons at lower collector dose; 


  • Reduce energy and water use;


  • Simplify processing steps while enabling easier mineral handling. 






We stay ahead of developments concerning our customers in the metalworking industry.  Arkema’s solutions cover metal cutting, forming and surface treatment technologies. We help to improve processes to achieve efficient formulation and improved performance in terms of durability and safety. 

Metal working solutions

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