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For better health, hygiene, beauty

Medicines, medical devices, shampoos, cosmetics… Arkema offers an extensive range of solutions for health, hygiene and beauty products used on a daily basis.

A key presence in the health sector

Solutions for health

From vitamin C to the most sophisticated anti-inflammatory, antibiotic or cardio-vascular drugs, the molecules and products developed by Arkema are used in the synthesis of a vast number of medicines.


The pharmaceutical industry calls upon Arkema for three major types of products.


  • Approved and certified active ingredients used for synthesis of pharmaceutical active principles and building blocks for chemical synthesis, such as specialty amineshydrazine and derivatives, thioacetic acid.


  • High purity solvents: ecotoxicological DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide), MSA (methane sulfonic acid), oxygenated solvents and derivatives.


  • Dehydrating agents, such as Siliporite® molecular sieves.


Solutions for Health

Arkema also offers products for use in the manufacture of medical and paramedical equipment, devices and accessories.


These high performance materials replace traditional materials such as glass or metal, while meeting requirements of sturdiness, safety and harmlessness (bio-inertia), resistance to sterilization and microbial attack, and good light transmission.


These materials include Rilsan® Clear MED biosourced polyamides used to manufacture catheters, breathing masks, syringes, and transfusion and infusion lines.

Altuglas® PMMA is used in the manufacture of incubators and disposable medical devices.

Surgical gloves are made from Lotryl® flexible materials.

Bio-inert, sterilizable and very chemically resistant, Kynar® PVDF is used to manufacture disposable equipment, autoclaves, membranes, etc.


These various products all fulfil the constraints of stability, purity and safety of the pharmaceutical industry.

Breathing more easily

With the effects of smoking and pollution, the number of people suffering from respiratory failure is on the increase. They are required to carry a source of oxygen-enriched air at all time. More compact, either fixed or portable, oxygen concentrator respiratory devices use Nitroxy® molecular sieves.

Thanks to their unique properties, molecular sieves adsorb the nitrogen while letting the oxygen through in the ambient air. Hence the patient is able to breathe in high purity (over 90%) oxygen-enriched air.

For a healthy and simpler life

Beauty solutions

On the bathroom shelf or in the kitchen cabinet, the products developed from Arkema’s chemistry form an integral part of household and personal hygiene innovations.

Soft to the skin and scented, shampoos, detergents and soaps do more than just clean, they are also pleasant to use. Their secrets: active ingredients and sophisticated formulations, the result of Arkema’s Research and Development work.


Thus, formulation additives such as Noramium® or Surfaline® used in conditioners make hair soft and easier to manage.


Coatex’s Rheostyl additives bring interesting properties for health, hygiene and beauty products manufacturers who want to make them more appealing: crystal clear appearance, allowing suspended particles, and softer texture.


Finally, teenagers can have a healthy-looking blemish-free skin with acne creams containing Luperox® specialty additives.


Peroxal® hydrogen peroxide is a safe ingredient renowned for its disinfection, tooth-whitening and hair-bleaching properties.

Safe and efficient protection

Solutions for hygieneIn an era of disposable items, babies’ diapers, feminine hygiene and adult protection articles have to be increasingly discreet, soft and thin but also more absorbent and reliable. A range of Arkema specialty products fulfil these expectations.

Two to three grams of adhesive made by Bostik (an Arkema subsidiary) are enough to assemble the twenty or so components making up a disposable baby’s nappy.

Under ten grams of absorbent or superabsorbent gel, which is part of Arkema’s acrylics range, are enough to effectively absorb as much as 100 times their volume at least.

A contribution to better cosmetology

Beauty solutions

By combining beauty with health, the chemical industry has brought about cosmetology. For decades Arkema has played a part in making beauty more accessible and health-oriented.


The texture of beauty products is a major criterion in consumer choice and a vital key for the progress of cosmetology.


Ultrafine and ultrasoft, Orgasol® fine powders for cosmetics are used to repair stressed or damaged skin, counter the first signs of ageing, and reduce sebum in blemish-prone skin. Leading cosmetics brands also use them extensively in their make-up ranges (blusher, lipstick, nail polish, etc.) and suncare products.


Arkema’s expertise also extends to natural aromas and fragrances for cosmetics with its 100% plant-sourced Oleris® range, and to extraction solvents from its Thiochemicals business. For over 30 years, hair-removal creams and perm lotions have been formulated with thioglycolic acid.


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