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L'atelier 4.20 by Arkema

Arkema's innovations and smart solutions make transportation more energy efficient through lighter materials, promote wider use of new energies, provide more resistant paints, improve insulation and comfort in homes, advance 3D printing, and even enhance athletic performance. Making daily lives better and contributing to a more sustainable world is our goal. But our chemistry, while indispensable to thousands of finished products, is seldom seen. This is the reason why we have created L'atelier 4.20 by Arkema.

Our showroom: Who for? What for?

Located at the heart of the Colombes headquarters (France), L'atelier 4.20 is intended to shine the spotlight on Arkema’s know-how and exemplify the vision of an innovative chemistry carried by the Group.

This 200m² experimentation area is designed to engage our customers, prospective customers and suppliers, and underscores our desire to build tomorrow’s world. Workshop 4.20 brings within the reach of visitors the tangible reality of our innovations. "420" in its name stands for the address of Arkema's headquarter (420 rue d'Estienne d'Orves) and 4.20 refers to digital topics.

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    Outside L'atelier 4.20 by Arkema
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    Outside L'atelier 4.20 by Arkema
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    Inside L'atelier 4.20 by Arkema
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    Zone 2 of L'atelier 4.20 by Arkema
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    Designed by Arkema zone, inside L'atelier 4.20

A place where innovation is revealed, shared, everywhere

Poster Innovation is revealed
Poster innovation is shared
Poster Innovation is everywhere

The showroom is split into three zones:

  • The first, dedicated to corporate information, focuses on Arkema’s track record as a leader, its key figures, as well as its aspirations for the years to come.

  • The second zone highlights Innovative Chemistry and places the emphasis on some of our flagship products through the prism of the Arkema R&D six innovation platforms: new energies, biosourced products, water management, electronics solutions, material lightweighting, and Smart House (home efficiency).

  • The third zone of Workshop 4.20, called Designed by Arkema, acts as a physical and interactive showcase of various everyday products manufactured thanks to our innovative chemistry.

360° virtual visit

 Discover L'atelier 4.20 by exploring this 360-degree photo: 




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